The Council for Geoscience hands over geological report of work done in Namibia


The Council for Geoscience and Geological Survey of Namibia initiated a comprehensive geoscience mapping program in the southern region of Namibia. This project places focus on investigating geological formations that straddle the borders of neighboring countries. These areas are believed to hold significant mineral resources that can directly contribute to the development goals of the respective nations and the broader regional development objectives. At the sidelines on the recent 29th Colloquium of African Geology, the CEO of the Council for Geoscience, Mr Mosa Mabuza presented the initial findings of this ambitious mapping programme. The work is scheduled to continue and will be finalised during the current financial year, with the aim of uncovering valuable insights and resources for the benefit of the region’s socio-economic progress. The Deputy Executive Director of the Geological Survey of Namibia, Ms Gloria N. Simubali upon receiving the report expressed gratitude on the progress and findings of the project and affirmed the importance of collaboration between geological surveys in pursuit of geoscience research for the greater good of the region and Africa as a whole. The handover was attended by the project leads and team members of both the Council for Geoscience and Geological Survey of Namibia.

The CEO of the CGS (left) Mr Mosa Mabuza, Dr Paul Macey (project lead from the CGS), Ms Anna Nguno (project manager from the GSN) and Ms Gloria N. Simubali DED of GSN, seen here holding the geological report of the Namibian project. 

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