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Exxaro Resources and the Council of Geoscience Unite Forces in Landmark Agreement for a Net-Zero Carbon Future


The Council for Geoscience (CGS) and Exxaro have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that seeks to further sustainability and decarbonisation efforts. Exxaro is a mining and renewable energy solutions company that believes in sustainable value creation through its relationships, impact, vision and purpose.

The MOU expresses the intent to collaborate on carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) initiatives towards the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, thereby promoting climate change adaptation and maximising social impact in support of South Africa’s national commitments which are stated in the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC).

Exxaro Chief of Sustainable Impact Officer, Mr Mongezi Veti expressed, “Our strategy also aims for an integrated, multi-stakeholder approach to positioning the business for a resilient and sustainable future. We cannot act alone to create the impact we are aiming for, hence strategic partnerships such as the one with the Council of Geoscience, are key to ensure that our carbon neutrality goal become a reality.”

“This collaboration comes at the right time where we have made tremendous strides on the technical front in implementing this scientific intervention in the CCUS, and the geological characterisation has progressed exponentially to confirm the suitability of the targeted reservoir to pilot the carbon dioxide sequestration. Partnerships with the private sector, and with Exxaro in particular, marks a significant milestone in our pursuit to use science as the basis for decision making and policy formulation” said Mr Mosa Mabuza, CGS CEO. The CCUS project is a co-funded initiative by the South African Government and the World Bank with its partners and is intended to contribute significantly to the climate mitigation programme as well as energy security trajectory.

Exxaro understands that mining can result in long-lasting environmental impacts if unmanaged. The SG&I strategy continues to guide the approach in managing environmental impact whilst protecting the natural resources on which the mine relies. Exxaro’s environment and social responsible response to climate change supports South Africa’s Just Transition programmes. It balances this with its role as a critical supplier to South Africa’s coal-based electricity sector. The business’s natural capital impact encompasses air quality, climate change resilience, energy, water security, waste management, biodiversity, environmental liabilities, land management and rehabilitation.

Exxaro CEO Dr Nombasa Tsengwa added, “We aim to draw upon the Council of Geoscience’s knowledge and expertise to promote positive, solutions-driven approaches to climate change mitigation and adaptation and to highlight transformational climate action. We have a long way to go, but the first steps are the most valuable as they help us gain momentum in this journey towards reducing our climate impacts.”

The CGS is one of the national science councils of South Africa that is mandated with custodianship of geoscience knowledge and information both onshore and offshore, in South Africa.

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