The Kingdom of Eswatini recognises the importance of geoscience in economic development. For this purpose, investment has been made in the collection of high-resolution geophysical data that will initially cover the north-western sector of the country. The Geological Survey Department (GSD) of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy of Eswatini, in collaboration with the Council for Geoscience (CGS) of South Africa, has commissioned the survey that will aim to map mineral potential and groundwater resources, among other things.

The Kingdom of Eswatini possesses geology that has significant potential for mineral resources, particularly the “minerals of the future”, and this work aims to characterise and highlight this potential in more detail. As one of southern Africa’s water-deprived nations, this work will also seek to inform the mapping and sustainable use of water resources.

As he launched the project, the Minister of Natural Resources and Energy, His Excellency Hon. Peter Bhembe alluded that this project forms part of the country’s Strategic Road Map 2019-2022, which identified the mining industry as one of the pillars for the economic recovery of the Kingdom. The geoscientific endeavour also aims to develop much-needed geoscientific skills in the Kingdom and will form the base for further geoscience mapping and research in the future.

Through the GSD, the CGS and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy have had a long-standing partnership in geoscience research, specifically in the area of seismology.
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