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Vision, Mission and Values


A prosperous and transformed society enabled by geoscience solutions.


The mission of the CGS is to contribute to the prosperity of South Africa by:

a) Providing integrated, systematic and thematic maps and conducting research on the onshore and offshore geology of South Africa, as mandated, to:

  • Facilitate mineral, energy and agricultural development;
  • Contribute to the assessment and sustainable management of mineral, geohydrological and geo‐environmental resources; and to
  • Support infrastructure development.

b) Acting as a national advisory authority on geo‐environmental pollution.

c) Providing an information repository and delivery platform that facilitates actionable decisions and makes relevant information accessible to the relevant stakeholders.

d) Discharging its mandate in a manner that supports transformation and national developmental imperatives.

Core Values

Innovation – Generating and implementing novel ideas and products that create value.

Diversity – Embracing an inclusive culture that upholds transformation and recognises contributions from all stakeholders.

Excellence – Striving to excel in every aspect of its business.

Accountability – Fostering reliability and commitment, taking responsibility and ownership.

Learning – Advancing learning through knowledge creation.

Safety, health, and environment – Prioritising the health and safety of all employees and stakeholders in accordance with environmental stewardship.

Transparency – Providing services impartially, fairly, equitably and transparently.