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Target Generation Project

The programme will provide the information necessary for the DMR

This MTEF project has the objective of stimulating investment in exploration/mining in South Africa by providing new high quality geoscience data and maps as well as mineral prospectivity maps (maps showing areas of mineral potential) that are created by integrating relevant geoscience maps (geology, geophysical, geochemical, structural, remote sensing etc.) accompanied by report. This is a third year MTEF program; it started from the 2012/13 financial year but has been extended to the 2017/18 financial year.

The project involves:

  • Desktop study for area selection as well as more focussed literature review on project areas that have been selected to understand all aspects of mineralization (will help in data synthesis and interpretation)
  • Acquisition of high-resolution airborne geophysical surveys (200 meter line spacing) and regional and semi-regional soil sampling (4 samples/km2 and 8 samples/km2, respectively)
  • Data processing, interpretation and integration and production of mineral prospectivity maps accompanied by reports.

The Project Areas covered in the 2015/16 financial year include:

  • Namaqualand Belt;
  • The Alluvial Diamond Field;
  • Aggregate Quality Mapping in the Eastern Cape Province;
  • Sabi-Pilgrims Rest Gold area;

The following map identifies some of the areas already sampled, and planned to be covered: