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The geology of some ore deposits in southern Africa
Mineral Deposits of South Africa
Witwatersrand Gold - 100 Years
Special Publications
  No. 1. Symposium on the Bushveld Igneous Complex and other Layered Intrusions, Pretoria, 1969.
  No. 2. Upper Mantle Project - South African National Committee Symposium, July 1969.
  No. 3. Symposium on Granites, Gneisses and Related Rocks. 1973.
  No. 4. Mineralization in Metamorphic Terranes.
  No. 5. A symposium on mineral deposits and the transportation and deposition of metals.
  No. 6. Some sedimentary basins and associated ore deposits of South Africa.
  No. 7. ICAM 81. Proceedings of the First International Congress on Applied Mineralogy.
  No. 8. The Limpopo Belt. A contribution to the National Geodynamics Programme.
  No. 9. Contributions to the geology of the Barberton Mountain Land. National Geodynamics Programme, Barberton Project.
  No. 10. The Namaqualand Metamorphic Complex.
  No. 11. Evolution of the Damara Orogen of South West Africa/Namibia. National Geodynamics Programme.
  No. 12. Geodynamics of the Cape Fold Belt.
  No. 13. Petrogenesis of the volcanic rocks of the Karoo province.
Proceedings of the 2nd Gondwana Symposium
Transactions of the Geological Society of South Africa
    Symposium on the Rhodesian Basement Complex. [Zimbabwe]
    Indexes to the Transactions.
South African Journal of Geology   Latest journal
Alex L. du Toit Memorial Lecture Series.
Geological History of Southern Africa, by Haughton, S.H. 1969. 535 pp.
Minerals of South Africa, by B. Cairncross & R. Dixon. 1995. 315 pp. 1995. ISBN 0 620 19324 7.
A century of geological endeavour in Southern Africa, 1895-1995, Anhaeusser, C.R.(ed.). 1997. i-xiii, 587 pp. ISBN 0 620 21820 7.
Life etched in stone. Fossils of South Africa, by C. Macrae. 1999. 326 pp. ISBN 0 620 23388 5.
Guidebook to sites of geological and mining interest in the central Witwatersrand, by F. Mendelsohn. 1986. 134 pp, A3 map. ISBN 0 620 09670 5.

The geology of some ore deposits in southern Africa. Haughton, S.H., ed. 1964.Back to top of page
Borchers RExploration of the Witwatersrand System and its extensions1, 1-23. Abstract
Brock B B; Pretorius D AAn introduction to the stratigraphy and structure of the Rand gold field1, 25-61. Abstract
Pretorius D AThe geology of the Central Rand Goldfield1, 63-108. Abstract
Whiteside H C MIntroduction to the geology of the East Rand.1, 109-111. Abstract
Antrobus E S ANotes on the geological column of the East Rand.1, 113-123. Abstract
Antrobus E S A; Whiteside H C MThe geology of certain mines in the East Rand1, 125-160. Abstract
De Jager F S JThe Witwatersrand System in the Springs-Nigel-Heidelberg sector of the East Rand Basin1, 161-190. Abstract
Papenfus J AThe Black Reef Series within the Witwatersrand Basin with special reference to its occurrence at Government Gold Mining Areas1, 191-218. Abstract
Pretorius D AThe geology of the South Rand Goldfield1, 219-282. Abstract
Toens P D; Griffiths G HThe geology of the West Rand1, 283-321. Abstract
De Kock W PThe geology and economic significance of the West Wits Line1, 323-386. Abstract
Papenfus J AThe geology of the Western Areas Gold Mine and vicinity.1, 387-391. Abstract
Wilson N L; Toens P D; Van Der Schyff D BThe geology of the Rietkuil Syncline1, 393-398. Abstract
Wilson N L; Oosthuizen D H; Brink W C; Toens P DThe geology of the Vaal Reef Basin in the Klerksdorp area1, 399-416. Abstract
Winter H De La RThe geology of the northern section of the Orange Free State gold field1, 417-448. Abstract
McKinney J S Et Al.Geology of the Anglo American Group mines in the Welkom area, Orange Free State goldfield1, 451-506. Abstract
Winter H De La RThe geology of the Virginia section of the Orange Free State Gold field1, 507-548. Abstract
Brock B B; Pretorius D ARand Basin sedimentation and tectonics1, 549-599. Abstract
Phaup A EGold mines of Southern Rhodesia - Introduction. [Zimbabwe].2, 1-7. Abstract
Goldberg INotes on the relationship between gold deposits and Structure in Southern Rhodesia. [Zimbabwe]2, 9-13. Abstract
Collender F DThe geology of the Cam & Motor Mine, Southern Rhodesia. [Zimbabwe]2, 15-27. Abstract
Leigh R WThe geology of the Dalny Mine, Southern Rhodesia. [Zimbabwe]2, 29-40. Abstract
Mehliss A T MThe Dawn gold deposit, Queens area, Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia. [Zimbabwe]2, 41-58. Abstract
Davies D N; Hunter D RThe gold deposits of the Barberton Mountain Land in Swaziland2, 59-75. Abstract
Gribnitz K HNotes on the Barberton goldfield2, 77-90. Abstract
Willemse JA Brief outline of the geology of the Bushveld Igneous Complex2, 91-128. Abstract
Cameron E NChromite deposits of the eastern part of the Bushveld Complex.2, 129-168. Abstract
Cousins C AAdditional notes on the chromite deposits of the eastern part of the Bushveld Complex.2, 169-182. Abstract
Cousins C A; Feringa GThe chromite deposits of the Western Belt of the Bushveld Complex2, 183-202. Abstract
Macgregor B IA refractory chrome ore deposit in the Groot Marico District, Transvaal2, 203-207. Abstract
Worst B GChromite in the Great Dyke of Southern Rhodesia. [Zimbabwe]2, 209-224. Abstract
Cousins C AThe platinum deposits of the Merensky Reef2, 225-237. Abstract
Benedict P C; Wiid D De N; Cornelissen A K; Et AlProgress report on the geology of the O'Okiep copper district2, 239-302. Abstract
Van Graan S JGeology of the Messina copper deposits2, 303-314. Abstract
Lombaard A F; Ward-Able N M; Bruce R WThe exploration and main geological features of the copper deposit in carbonatite at Loolekop, Palabora Complex2, 315-337. Abstract
Jacobsen WThe geology of the Mangula copper deposits, Southern Rhodesia. [Zimbabwe]2, 339-351. Abstract
Jacobsen J B EThe geology of the Alaska Mine. [Zimbabwe]2, 353-366. Abstract
Söhnge P GThe geology of the Tsumeb Mine. [Namibia]2, 367-382. Abstract
Strauss C AThe iron ore deposits in the Thabazimbi area, Transvaal2, 383-392. Abstract
Strauss C AThe iron ore deposits in the Sishen area, Cape Province2, 393-403. Abstract
Bursill C; Luyt J F M; Urie J GThe Bomvu Ridge iron ore deposit. [Swaziland]2, 405-413. Abstract
Boardman L GFurther geological data on the Postmasburg and Kuruman manganese ore deposits, Northern Cape Province2, 415-440. Abstract
Cooper D GThe geology of the Bikita pegmatite. [Zimbabwe]2, 441-461. Abstract
Roering C; Gevers T WLithium- and Beryllium-bearing pegmatites in the Karibib District, South-West Africa. [Namibia]2, 463-495. Abstract
Sharpe J W NThe Empress nickel-copper deposit, Southern Rhodesia. [Zimbabwe]2, 497-508. Abstract
Le Roex H DNickel deposit on the Trojan Claims, Bindura District, Southern Rhodesia. [Zimbabwe]2, 509-520. Abstract
Groeneveld DThe Potgietersrus tin-mining area2, 521-533. Abstract
Davies D NThe tin deposits of Swaziland2, 535-541. Abstract
Cilliers J J Le R; Genis J HCrocidolite asbestos in the Cape Province2, 543-570. Abstract
Genis J HThe formation of crocidolite asbestos2, 571-578. Abstract
Cilliers J J Le RAmosite at the Penge asbestos mine.2, 579-591. Abstract
Laubscher D HThe occurrence and origin of chrysotile asbestos and associated rocks, Shabani, Southern Rhodesia. [Zimbabwe]2, 593-624. Abstract
Van Biljon W JThe chrysotile deposits of the Eastern Transvaal and Swaziland2, 625-669. Abstract
Hallam C DThe geology of the coastal diamond deposits of Southern Africa. [Namibia]2, 671-728. Abstract

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Mineral Deposits of Southern Africa, C. R. Anhaeusser and S. Maske, eds. 1986.     
ISBN 0-620-09441-9.
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Söhnge A P GMineral provinces of Southern Africa1, 1-23. Abstract
Beukes T EEconomic aspects of southern African mineral exploration1, 25-31. Abstract
Anhaeusser C R; Viljoen M J.Archaean metallogeny of South Africa1, 33-41. Abstract
Foster R P; Mann A G; Stowe C W; Wilson J F.Archaean gold mineralization in Zimbabwe1, 43-112. Abstract
Anhaeusser C RArchaean gold mineralization in the Barberton Mountain Land1, 113-154. Abstract
Wagener J H F; Wiegand JThe Sheba Gold Mine, Barberton greenstone belt1, 155-161. Abstract
Voges F DThe New Consort Gold Mine, Barberton greenstone belt1, 163-168. Abstract
Wiggett B S A; Brink W C J; Vorster M AThe Fairview Gold Mine, Barberton greenstone belt1, 169-179. Abstract
Wagener J H FThe Agnes Gold Mine, Barberton Greenstone Belt1, 181-185. Abstract
Anhaeusser C RThe Lily Gold Mine, Barberton Greenstone Belt; geology; mineralogy; and supergene gold enrichment1, 187-196. Abstract
Potgieter G A; De Villiers J P R.Controls of mineralization at the Fumani gold deposit, Sutherland greenstone belt1, 197-203. Abstract
Saager R; Muff RThe gold occurrences of the Eersteling Goldfield, Pietersburg Greenstone Belt1, 205-211. Abstract
Saager R; Muff RThe auriferous placer at Mount Robert, Pietersburg greenstone belt1, 213-220. Abstract
Bohmke F C; Varndell S J.Gold in granulites at Renco Mine, Zimbabwe1, 221-230. Abstract
Anderson I GThe Empress Nickel Deposit, Zimbabwe1, 231-236. Abstract
Chimimba L RThe Madizwa nickel-copper deposits, Zimbabwe1, 237-241. Abstract
Johnson R SThe Phoenix and Selkirk nickel-copper sulphide ore deposits, Tati Greenstone Belt, Eastern Botswana1, 243-248. Abstract
Chimimba L R; Ncube S M N.Nickel sulphide mineralization at Trojan Mine, Zimbabwe1, 249-253. Abstract
Baglow NThe Epoch nickel deposit, Zimbabwe1, 255-262. Abstract
Killick A M.The Damba sulphide nickel Deposits, Zimbabwe1, 263-273. Abstract
Mackie T A; Ferreira C A M; And Finnemore S H.The geology and exploration of the Matopos Dam nickel-copper occurrence, Zimbabwe1, 275-279. Abstract
Keenan JThe Bon Accord nickel sulphide deposit, Barberton Greenstone Belt1, 281-285. Abstract
De Waal S AThe Bon Accord nickel occurrence at Barberton1, 287-291. Abstract
Pearton T N; Viljoen M JAntimony mineralization in the Murchison greenstone belt - An overview1, 293-320. Abstract
Abbot J E; Van Vuuren C J J; And Viljoen M J.The Alpha-Gravelotte antimony ore body, Murchison Greenstone Belt1, 321-332. Abstract
Willson C; Viljoen M JThe Athens antimony orebody, Murchison Greenstone Belt1, 333-338. Abstract
Pearton T NThe Monarch Cinnabar Mine: Murchison greenstone belt1, 339-348. Abstract
Viljoen M J; Muff R; Paizes P.The Amo antimony deposit, Barberton Greenstone Belt1, 349-357. Abstract
Anhaeusser C RThe geological setting of chrysotile asbestos occurrences in southern Africa1, 359-375. Abstract
Laubscher D HChrysotile asbestos in the Vishavane (Shabani) and Mashavi (Mashaba) Areas, Zimbabwe1, 377-393. Abstract
Barton C MThe Havelock asbestos deposit in Swaziland, Barberton Greenstone Belt1, 395-407. Abstract
Voight J C; Bottner W; Schaum H HChrysotile asbestos at the Msauli Mine, Barberton greenstone belt1, 409-420. Abstract
Laubscher D HThe New Amianthus chrysotile asbestos deposit, Kaapsehoop, Barberton greenstone belt1, 421-426. Abstract
Menell R P; Brewer T H; Delve J R; Anhaeusser C RThe Kalkkloof chrysotile asbestos deposit and surrounding area, Barberton Mountain Land1, 427-435. Abstract
Robb L J; Robb V MArchaean pegmatite deposits in the north-eastern Transvaal1, 437-449. Abstract
Reynolds I MVanadium-bearing titaniferous iron ores of the Rooiwater Complex, north-eastern Transvaal1, 451-460. Abstract
Collins R GThe Zandrivierspoort magnetite deposit, Pietersburg District, northern Transvaal1, 461-467. Abstract
Furnell R GThe Shangoni tungsten deposit, Sutherland greenstone belt1, 469-472. Abstract
Saager R; Stupp H D; Utter T; Matthey H OGeological and mineralogical notes on placer occurrences in some conglomerates of the Pongola sequence1, 473-487. Abstract
Pretorius D AThe goldfields of the Witwatersrand Basin1, 489-493. Abstract
Allsopp H L And Welke H JAge limits to the Witwatersrand Supergroup1, 495-496. Abstract
Minter W E L; Hill W C N; Kidger R J; Kingsley C D And Snowden P AThe Welkom Goldfield1, 497-539. Abstract
Tweedie K A MThe discovery and exploration of Beisa and Beatrix Gold and Uranium Mines in the southern extension of the Welkom Goldfield1, 541-547. Abstract
Antrobus E S A; Brink W C J, Brink M C; Caulkin J; Hutchinson R I; Thomas D E; Van Graan J A And Viljoen J JThe Klerksdorp Goldfield1, 549-598. Abstract
Engelbrecht C J, Baumbach G W S, Matthysen J L And Fletcher PThe West Wits Line1, 599-648. Abstract
Tucker R F; Viljoen R PThe geology of the West Rand goldfield, with special reference to the southern limb1, 649-688. Abstract
Antrobus E S AThe South Rand Goldfield1, 689-703. Abstract
Tweedie E BThe Evander Goldfield1, 705-730. Abstract
Hallbauer D KThe mineralogy and geochemistry of Witwatersrand pyrite, gold, uranium, and carbonaceous matter1, 731-752. Abstract
Gay N C; Jager A JThe influence of geological features on problems of rock mechanics in Witwatersrand Mines1, 753-772. Abstract
Venter P PGeotechnical engineering and hydrogeological problems encountered in the Welkom goldfield in the 1950's1, 773-777. Abstract
Bekker E HFossil water and the associated gas mixture within and below the Ventersdorp Supergroup in the Harmony mine area, Welkom Goldfield1, 779-781. Abstract
Lain M JSome engineering geology problems associated with mine and township development in the Welkom Goldfield1, 783-789. Abstract
Wolmarans J FSome engineering-geological and hydrogeological aspects of mining on the West Wits Line1, 791-796. Abstract
Brand E LWater and gas occurrences in the Evander Goldfield1, 797-809. Abstract
Button AThe Transvaal sub-basin of the Transvaal Sequence1, 811-817. Abstract
Beukes N JThe Transvaal Sequence in Griqualand West1, 819-828. Abstract
Page D C; Du Plessis P GChert-free metallurgical grade dolomite in the southern Transvaal: The Mooiplaas and Glen Mines1, 829-835. Abstract
Martini J E JThe Zeerust fluorspar deposits, Western Transvaal1, 837-841. Abstract
Ryan P JThe Witkop Fluorspar Mine near Zeerust, western Transvaal1, 843-849. Abstract
Bear L MNote on the Bulhoek Fluorspar Mine, Groot Marico District1, 851. Abstract
Clay A NThe stratigraphy of the Malmani Dolomite Subgroup in the Carletonville area, Transvaal: genetic implications for lead-zinc mineralization1, 853-860. Abstract
Philpott G D; Ainslie L CLead mineralization on Leeuwbosch 129 KQ, Thabazimbi District1, 861-866. Abstract
Wheatley C J C, Whitfield, K J And Birch AThe Pering carbonate-hosted zinc-lead deposit, Griqualand West1, 867-874. Abstract
Southwood M JThe mineralogy of the Pering zinc-lead deposit, Cape Province, with special reference to supergene alteration.1, 875-889. Abstract
Wheatley C.J.V., Friggens P.J., Dooge F.The Bushy Park carbonate-hosted zinc-lead deposit, Griqualand West1, 891-900. Abstract
Beukes N J; Dreyer C J BAmosite asbestos deposits of the Penge area1, 901-910. Abstract
Beukes N J; Dreyer C J BCrocidolite deposits of the Pomfret area, Griqualand West1, 911-921. Abstract
Van Deventer J L; Eriksson P G; Snyman C PThe Thabazimbi iron ore deposits, northern-western Transvaal1, 923-929. Abstract
Van Schalkwyk J F; Beukes N JThe Sishen iron ore deposit, Griqualand West1, 931-956. Abstract
Grobbelaar W S And Beukes N JThe Bishop and Glosam Manganese Mines and the Beeshoek Iron Ore Mine of the Postmasburg area1, 957-961. Abstract
Nel C J, Beukes N J And De Villiers J P RThe Mamatwan Manganese Mine of the Kalahari manganese field1, 963-978. Abstract
Jennings MThe Middelplaats manganese ore deposit, Griqualand West1, 979-983. Abstract
Steyn M V R; Gardyne W N; Klop A A CThe Gopane manganese deposits, Bophuthatswana1, 985-989. Abstract
Collins L ANote on the exploration of Pretoria shales in the Vereeniging District, Transvaal1, 991-992. Abstract
Hammerbeck E C IAndalusite in the metamorphic aureole of the Bushveld Complex1, 993-1004. Abstract
Human D R; Collins L AThe Havercroft-Streatham andalusite deposit, Eastern Transvaal1, 1005-1008. Abstract
Kenyon A K; Attridge R L; Coetzee G L.The Uitkomst nickel-copper deposit, eastern Transvaal1, 1009-1017. Abstract
Pretorius D AThe compilation of the geological map of the Witwatersrand Basin1, 1019-1020. Abstract
Vermaak C F; Von Gruenewaldt G.Introduction to the Bushveld Complex2, 1021-1029. Abstract
Lee C A; Sharpe M RThe structural setting of the Bushveld Complex - An assessment aided by LANDSAT imagery2, 1031-1038. Abstract
Walraven FA note on the stratigraphic terminology of the Bushveld Complex2, 1039-1040. Abstract
Viljoen M J; De Klerk W J; Coetzer P M; Hatch N P; Kinloch E; Peyerl WThe Union Section of Rustenburg Platinum Mines Limited with reference to the Merensky Reef2, 1061-1090. Abstract
Leeb-Du Toit A.The Impala Platinum Mines2, 1091-1106. Abstract
Viljoen M J; Hieber RThe Rustenburg section of Rustenburg Platinum Mines Limited, with reference to the Merensky reef2, 1107-1134. Abstract
Farquhar JThe Western Platinum Mine2, 1135-1142. Abstract
Mossom R JThe Atok Platinum Mine2, 1143-1154. Abstract
Vermaak C FSummary aspects of the economics of chromium with special reference to Southern Africa2, 1155-1181. Abstract
Ireland K.L.The Winterveld (TCL) Chrome Mine Limited, Eastern Bushveld Complex2, 1183-1188. Abstract
Worst B GThe chromitite deposits of the Montrose and Groothoek Mines, eastern Bushveld Complex2, 1189-1195. Abstract
Gain S BThe Upper group chromitite layers at Maandagshoek, eastern Bushveld Complex2, 1197-1208. Abstract
Worst B GThe chromite deposits at Kroondal Chrome Mine, western Bushveld Complex2, 1209-1215. Abstract
Von Gruenewaldt G; Worst B GChromite deposits At Zwartkop Chrome Mine, Western Bushveld Complex2, 1217-1227. Abstract
Collins L A; Human D RThe Groot-Marico chromitite deposit, western Transvaal2, 1229-1235. Abstract
Hulbert L.J., Von Gruenewaldt G.The structure and petrology of the Upper and Lower chromitite layers on the farms Grasvally and Zoetveld, south of Potgietersrus2, 1237-1249. Abstract
Cawthorn R G; Molyneux T GVanadiferous Magnetite Deposits of the Bushveld Complex2, 1251-1266. Abstract
Reynolds I MThe mineralogy and ore petrography of the Bushveld titaniferous magnetite-rich layers2, 1267-1286. Abstract
Crocker I TThe Zaaiplaats Tinfield, Potgietersrus District2, 1287-1299. Abstract
Pringle I CThe Union Tin Mine, Naboomspruit District2, 1301-1305. Abstract
Rozendaal A; Toros M S; Anderson J RThe Rooiberg tin deposits, west-central Transvaal2, 1307-1327. Abstract
Smits GHydrothermal copper mineralization of the Rooibokkop-Boschhoek prospect, eastern Bushveld Complex2, 1329-1335. Abstract
Absolom S SThe Buffalo fluorspar deposit, Naboomspruit2, 1337-1341. Abstract
Pringle I CThe Zwartkloof fluorite deposits, Warmbaths District2, 1343-1349. Abstract
Newham W D NThe Lomagundi and Sabi Metallogenic Provinces of Zimbabwe2, 1351-1393. Abstract
Joubert PThe Namaqualand Metamorphic Complex - A Summary2, 1395-1420. Abstract
Lombaard A F; Exploration Staff Of The O'Okiep Copper Company LimitedThe copper deposits of the Okiep District, Namaqualand2, 1421-1445. Abstract
Ryan P J; Lawrence A L; Lipson R D; Moore J M; Paterson A; Stedman D P; Van Zyl DThe Aggeneys base-metal sulphide deposits, Namaqualand district2, 1447-1473. Abstract
Mourant D; Smith PAddendum to the paper by Ryan et al. (1985) on the Aggeneys base-metal sulphide deposits, Namaqualand district2, 1475. Abstract
Rozendaal AThe Gamsberg zinc deposit, Namaqualand District2, 1477-1488. Abstract
Viljoen R P; Kuyper J; Parsons C FThe Putsberg copper deposit, Pofadder District2, 1489-1502. Abstract
Wagener J H F; Van Schalkwyk LThe Prieska zinc-copper deposit, north-western Cape Province2, 1503-1527. Abstract
Voet H W; King B HThe Areachap copper-zinc deposit, Gordonia District2, 1529-1537. Abstract
Attridge R LThe Jacomynspan copper-nickel occurrence, Kenhardt District2, 1539-1545. Abstract
Bicker R E; Ralston I TThe Lutzputs iron-copper-silver deposits, Gordonia District.2, 1547-1552. Abstract
Wheatley C J V; De Beer L JThe Van Rooi's Vley tungsten-tin deposit, Gordonia, northern Cape2, 1553-1558. Abstract
Viljoen R P; Minnitt R C A; Viljoen M JPorphyry copper-molybdenum mineralization at the Lorelei, South West Africa/Namibia.2, 1559-1565. Abstract
Minnitt R C APorphyry copper-molybdenum mineralization at Haib River, South West Africa/Namibia.2, 1567-1585. Abstract
Bernasconi AThe Marinkas Kwela alkali intrusive - a porphyry molybdenum system of Cambrian age in southern South West Africa/Namibia.2, 1587-1591. Abstract
Van Vuuren C J JRegional setting and structure of the Rosh Pinah zinc-lead deposit, South West Africa / Namibia.2, 1593-1607. Abstract
Robb L JUraniferous leucogranites from the Namaqualand Metamorphic Complex: Part 1, Geology, geochemistry and petrogenesis2, 1609-1627. Abstract
Robb L J; Thiel K; Vorwerk RUraniferous leucogranites from the Namaqualand Metamorphic Complex: Part 2 - Uranium distribution and mineralization processes.2, 1629-1649. Abstract
Hugo P JSome deposits of feldspar, mica, and beryl in the north-western Cape Province2, 1651-1662. Abstract
Gallon M LStructural re-interpretation of the Selebi-Phikwe nickel-copper sulphide deposits, Eastern Botswana2, 1663-1669. Abstract
Bahnemann K PA review of the geology of the Messina copper deposits, southern Transvaal2, 1671-1688. Abstract
Wuth M G; Archer P DChromite mineralization at Sithilo, northern Zululand2, 1689-1694. Abstract
Reynolds I MThe mineralogy and petrography of some vanadium-bearing titaniferous iron ores of the Mambula Complex, Zululand2, 1695-1708. Abstract
Killick A MA review of the economic geology of northern South West Africa/Namibia2, 1709-1717. Abstract
Venter D MThe Kopermyn Copper Deposit, South West Africa/Namibia2, 1719-1723. Abstract
Ruxton P ASedimentology, Isotopic Signature and Ore Genesis of the Klein Aub Copper Mine, South West Africa/Namibia2, 1725-1738. Abstract
Ruxton P A; Clemmey HLate proterozoic stratabound red bed-copper deposits of the Witvlei Area, South West Africa/Namibia2, 1739-1754. Abstract
Adamson R G; Teichmann R F HThe Matchless cupreous pyrite deposit, South West Africa/Namibia2, 1755-1760. Abstract
Lombaard A F; Günzel A; Innes J; Krüger T LThe Tsumeb Lead-copper-zinc-silver Deposit, South West Africa/Namibia2, 1761-1787. Abstract
Innes J; Chaplin R COre Bodies of the Kombat Mine, South West Africa/Namibia2, 1789-1805. Abstract
Jacob R.E., Corner B., Brynard H.J.The regional geological and structural setting of the uraniferous granitic provinces of Southern Africa2, 1807-1818. Abstract
Berning JThe Rössing Uranium Deposit, South West Africa/Namibia2, 1819-1832. Abstract
Mouillac J L; Valois J -P; Walgenwitz FThe Goanikontes Uranium Occurrence in South West Africa/Namibia2, 1833-1843. Abstract
Richards T EGeological characteristics of rare-metal pegmatites of the Uis type in the Damara Orogen, South West Africa / Namibia.2, 1845-1862. Abstract
Stratten TEnvironmental and stratigraphic setting of the Karoo basin and its mineral deposits2, 1863-1873. Abstract
Smith D A M; Whittaker R R L GThe coalfields of Southern Africa: An introduction2, 1875-1878. Abstract
Falcon R M SA brief review of the origin, formation, and distribution of coal in Southern Africa2, 1879-1898. Abstract
Falcon R M SClassification of coals in Southern Africa2, 1899-1921. Abstract
Steyn P P A; Van Der Linde P JVereeniging-Sasolburg coalfield2, 1923-1927. Abstract
Gilligan R NOFS-Vierfontein coalfield2, 1929-1937. Abstract
Stavrakis NSedimentary environments and facies of the Orange Free State coalfield2, 1939-1952. Abstract
Henderson R ESouth Rand coalfield2, 1953-1961. Abstract
Stuart-Williams V.The Syferfontein Colliery - An example of a karstic coal2, 1963-1968. Abstract
Smith D A M; Whittaker R R L GThe Springs-Witbank coalfield2, 1969-1984. Abstract
Jordaan JHighveld coalfield2, 1985-1994. Abstract
Greenshields H DEastern Transvaal coalfield2, 1995-2010. Abstract
Spurr M R; Gillard T D; Bell KThe Utrecht Coalfield of Northern Natal2, 2011-2022. Abstract
Bell K; Spurr M RThe Vryheid coalfield of Northern Natal2, 2023-2032. Abstract
Bell K; Spurr M RThe Klip River Coalfield of Northern Natal2, 2033-2045. Abstract
De Jager F S JCoal occurrences of the central, north-western, northern and eastern Transvaal2, 2047-2055. Abstract
Ortlepp R JLimpopo coalfield2, 2057-2061. Abstract
Christie A D MThe Molteno coalfield2, 2063-2069. Abstract
Clark G C; Lock N P; Smith R ACoal resources of Botswana.2, 2071-2085. Abstract
Duguid K BThe coalfields of Zimbabwe.2, 2087-2089. Abstract
Duguid K BCoal resources of Zimbabwe.2, 2091-2098. Abstract
Duguid K BWankie district coal measures.2, 2099-2104. Abstract
Behr S HHeavy mineral deposits in the Karoo Sequence2, 2105-2118. Abstract
Le Roux J P; Toens P DA review of the uranium occurrences in the Karoo Sequence, South Africa2, 2119-2134. Abstract
Stuart-Williams V; Taylor C MThe Matjieskloof uranium anomaly, Fraserburg District2, 2135-2139. Abstract
Wadley R G; Hoffmann JA case history of the DR-3 uranium anomaly, Laingsburg District2, 2141-2147. Abstract
Maske S, Cawthorn R GThe nickel occurrence in the Insizwa Complex, Transkei2, 2149-2158. Abstract
Bird D NCopper-tungsten mineralization associated with the Mutandawhe Complex, Zimbabwe.2, 2159-2166. Abstract
Reimer T OPhanerozoic barite deposits of South Africa and Zimbabwe2, 2167-2172. Abstract
Verwoerd W JMineral deposits associated with carbonatites and alkaline rocks2, 2173-2191. Abstract
Clement C R; Harris J W; Robinson D N; Hawthorne J BThe De Beers kimberlite pipe - A historic South African diamond mine2, 2193-2214. Abstract
Lurie JMineralization of the Pilanesberg Alkaline Complex2, 2215-2228. Abstract
Fourie P J; De Jager D HPhosphate in the Phalaborwa Complex2, 2239-2253. Abstract
Gunthorpe R J; Buerger A DGeology and economic evaluation of the Otjisazu alkaline igneous complex, central South West Africa / Namibia.2, 2255-2260. Abstract
Menge G F WSodalite carbonatite deposits of Swartbooisdrif, South West Africa / Namibia.2, 2261-2268. Abstract
Hambleton-Jones B.B., Levin M., Wagener G.F.Uraniferous surficial deposits in Southern Africa2, 2269-2287. Abstract
Gould DBrines of Sowa Pan and adjacent areas, Botswana.2, 2289-2299. Abstract
Van Wyk J P; Pienaar L F.Diamondiferous gravels of the Lower Orange River, Namaqualand2, 2300-2321. Abstract
Fockema P DThe heavy mineral deposits north of Richards Bay2, 2301-2307. Abstract
Van Wyk J P; Pienaar L FDiamondiferous gravels of the lower Orange River, Namaqualand.2, 2309-2321. Abstract
Hammerbeck E C INew geological map of Southern Africa2, 2323-2324. Abstract
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Special Publications

No. 1. Symposium on the Bushveld Igneous Complex and other Layered Intrusions, Pretoria, 1969.
Visser, D J L & Von Gruenewaldt, G., eds. 1970.
Coertze F JThe geology of the western part of the Bushveld Igneous Complex.5-22. Abstract
De Villiers J SThe structure and petrology of the mafic rocks of the Bushveld Complex south of Potgietersrus.23-35. Abstract
Groeneveld DThe structural features and the petrography of the Bushveld Complex in the vicinity of Stoffberg, Eastern Transvaal.36-45. Abstract
Cameron E NCompositions of certain coexisting phases in the eastern part of the Bushveld Complex.46-58. Abstract
Ferguson J; Wright I HCompositional variation of plagioclases in the Critical Series, Bushveld Complex.59-66. Abstract
Von Gruenewaldt GOn the phase-change orthopyroxene-pigeonite and the resulting textures in the Main and Upper Zones of the Bushveld Complex in the eastern Transvaal.67-73. Abstract
Ferguson J; McCarthy T SOrigin of an ultramafic pegmatoid in the eastern part of the Bushveld Complex.74-79. Abstract
Van Zyl J PThe petrology of the Merensky Reef and the associated rocks on Swartklip 988, Rustenburg District.80-107. Abstract
Liebenberg LThe sulphides in the layered sequence of the Bushveld Igneous Complex.108-207. Abstract
Grobler N J; Whitfield G GThe olivine-apatite magnetites and related rocks in the Villa Nora occurrence of the Bushveld Igneous Complex.208-227. Abstract
Molyneux T GThe geology of the area in the vicinity of Magnet Heights, Eastern Transvaal, with special reference to the magnetic iron ore.228-241. Abstract
Vermaak C FThe geology of the lower portion of the Bushveld Complex and it, relationship to the floor rocks in the area west of the Pilanesberg, Western Transvaal.242-265. Abstract
Biesheuvel KAn interpretation of a gravimetric survey in the area west of the Pilanesberg in the Western Transvaal.266-282. Abstract
De Waal S AInterference-folding of Bushveld-Igneous-complex age in the Transvaal System north of Marble Hall, Transvaal.283-298. Abstract
Hammerbeck E C IThe Steelpoort Park granite, eastern part of the Bushveld Complex and the magnetitites in the gabbroic country rock.299-311. Abstract
Coetzee G LThe Rooiberg felsite series north of Nylstroom.312-325. Abstract
Schwellnus J S IAndalusite-staurolite relationships in the north-eastern metamorphic aureole of the Bushveld Complex.326-335. Abstract
Willemse J; Viljoen E AThe fate of argillaceous material in the gabbroic magma of the Bushveld Complex.336-366. Abstract
Hamilton WBushveld Complex - product of impacts.367-379. Abstract
Thayer T PChromite segregations as petrogenetic indicators.380-390. Abstract
Jackson E DThe cyclic unit in layered intrusions - a comparison of repetitive stratigraphy in the ultramafic parts of the Stillwater, Muskox, Great Dyke, and Bushveld Complexes.391-424. Abstract
Bowes D R; Skinner W R; Wright A EPetrochemical comparison of the Bushveld Igneous Complex with some other mafic complexes.425-440. Abstract
Irvine T NCrystallization sequences in the Muskox Intrusion and other layered intrusions 1. Olivine-Pyroxene-Plagioclase Relations.441-476. Abstract
Allard G OThe Dore Lake Complex, Chibougamau, Quebec - a metamorphosed Bushveld-type layered intrusion.477-491. Abstract
Ford A BDevelopment of the layered series and capping granophyre of the Dufek Intrusion of Antarctica.492-510. Abstract
Van Der Kaaden GChromite-bearing ultramafic and related gabbroic rocks and their relationship to "ophiolitic" extrusive basic rocks and diabases in Turkey511-531. Abstract
Naldrett A J; Bray J G; Gasparrini E L; Podolsky T; Rucklidge J CPhase layering and cryptic variation in the Sudbury Nickel Irruptive532-546. Abstract
Nesbitt R W; Goode A D T; Moore A C; Hopwood T PThe Giles Complex, central Australia: a stratified sequence of mafic and ultramafic intrusions547-564. Abstract
Wadsworth W JThe Aberdeenshire layered intrusion of north-east Scotland.565-575. Abstract
Davies R D; Allsopp H I; Erlank A J; Manton W MSr-isotopic studies on various layered mafic intrusions in southern Africa.576-593. Abstract
Hughes C JMajor rhythmic layering in ultramafic rocks of the Great Dyke of Rhodesia, with particular reference to the Sebakwe area594-609. Abstract
Podmore FThe shape of the Great Dyke of Rhodesia as revealed by gravity surveying610-620. Abstract
Robertson I D M; Van Breemen OThe southern satellite dykes of the Great Dyke, Rhodesia621-644. Abstract
Hunter D RThe geology of the Usushwana Complex in Swaziland645-660. Abstract
Viljoen R P; Viljoen M JThe geology and geochemistry of the layered ultramafic bodies of the Kaapmuiden area, Barberton Mountain Land.661-688. Abstract
Danchin R V; Ferguson JThe geochemistry of the Losberg Intrusion, Fochville, Transvaal.689-714. Abstract
Bahnemann K PA note on the anorthositic gneiss in the Messina District, northern Transvaal.715-720. Abstract
Saggerson E P; Logan C TDistribution controls of layered and differentiated mafic intrusions in the Lebombo volcanic sub-province.721-733. Abstract
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No. 2. Upper Mantle Project - South African National Committee Symposium, July 1969.
Haughton S HThe Upper Mantle Project5-8. Abstract
Viljoen M J; Viljoen R PAn Introduction to the Geology of the Barberton granite-greenstone terrain.9-28. Abstract
Viljoen R P; Viljoen M JThe effects of metamorphism and serpentinization on the volcanic and associated rocks of the Barberton region.29-53. Abstract
Viljoen M J; Viljoen R PThe geology and geochemistry of the lower ultramafic unit of the Onverwacht Group and a proposed new class of igneous rocks.55-85. Abstract
Viljoen M J; Viljoen R PEvidence for the existence of a mobile extrusive peridotitic magma from the Komati Formation of the Onverwacht Group.87-112. Abstract
Viljoen R P; Viljoen M JThe geological and geochemical significance of the upper formations of the Onverwacht Group.113-151. Abstract
Viljoen M J; Viljoen R PA proposed new classification of the granitic rocks of the Barberton region.153-188. Abstract
Viljoen M J; Viljoen R PThe geochemical evolution of the granitic rocks of the Barberton region.189-219. Abstract
Viljoen R P; Viljoen M JThe relationship between mafic and ultramafic magma derived from the upper mantle and the ore deposits of the Barberton region221-244. Abstract
Viljoen R P; Viljoen M JA reappraisal of granite-greenstone terrains of shield areas based on the Barberton model.245-274. Abstract
Viljoen R P; Viljoen M JEvidence for the composition of the primitive mantle and its products of partial melting from a study of the mafic and ultramafic rocks of the Barberton Mountain Land.275-295. Abstract
Bliss N W; Stidolph P AThe Rhodesian Basement Complex305-333. Abstract
Saggerson E P; Owen L MMetamorphism as a guide to depth of the top of the mantle in Southern Africa.335-349. Abstract
Gurney J J; Siebert J C; Whitfield G GA diamondiferous eclogite from the Roberts Victor Mine.351-357. Abstract
Mathias M; Rickwood P CUltramafic xenoliths in the Matsoku kimberlite pipe, Lesotho.359-369. Abstract
Rickwood P C; Gurney J J; White-Cooper D RThe nature and occurrences of eclogite xenoliths in the kimberlites of Southern Africa.371-393. Abstract
Rickwood P CThe nature and occurrences of non-eclogitic ultramafic xenoliths in the kimberlites of Southern Africa.395-416. Abstract
Gurney J J; Berg G WPotassium, rubidium and cesium in South African kimberlites and their peridotite xenoliths.417-427. Abstract
Allsopp H.L., Davies, R.D., De Gasparis, A.A.A., Nicolaysen, L.O.Review of Rb/Sr age measurements from the Early Precambrian terrain in the south-eastern Transvaal and Swaziland433-444. Abstract
Carte, A.E., Van Rooyen, A.I.M.Further measurements of heat flow in South Africa.445-448. Abstract
Green, R.W., Bloch, S.Recent developments in seismic investigation of crustal and upper mantle structure in South Africa.477-484. Abstract
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No. 3. Symposium on Granites, Gneisses and Related Rocks. Salisbury 1973. Lister, L A, Ed. 1973.
Sutton JStages in the evolution of the granitic crust1-6. Abstract
Mehnert K RThe origin of granitic rocks: a summary of recent investigations7-11. Abstract
Fyfe W SGranites past and present13-16. Abstract
Clifford T NAfrican granulites and related rocks: a preliminary note17-23. Abstract
Emmermann R; Rein GGenesis of granite by anatexis and differentiation (southwestern Black Forest, Germany)25-33. Abstract
Brindley J CSome aspects of batholithic intrusion35-44. Abstract
Hopgood A MThe significance of deformational sequences in discriminating between Precambrian terrains45-51. Abstract
Bartholomew M J; Dietrich R VPtygma enigmas53-58. Abstract
Phaup A EThe granitic rocks of the Rhodesian Craton. [Zimbabwe]59-67. Abstract
Wilson J F; Harrison N MRecent K-Ar age determinations on some Rhodesian granites. [Zimbabwe]69-78. Abstract
Wilson J FGranites and gneisses of the area around Mashaba, Rhodesia. [Zimbabwe]79-84. Abstract
Stowe C WThe older tonalite gneiss complex in the Selukwe area, Rhodesia. [Zimbabwe]85-95. Abstract
Leyshon P RTwo granite-gneiss domes in the Copper Queen area, Rhodesia. [Zimbabwe]97-109. Abstract
Gewald H; Pirajno FThe Madziwa batholiths, northeastern Rhodesia. [Zimbabwe]111-120. Abstract
Stidolph P AThe granitic terrain north and east of the Shamva Greenstone Belt. [Zimbabwe]121-125. Abstract
Harper, G.Metamorphism in the southern Urungwe District, northwestern Rhodesia. [Zimbabwe]127-130. Abstract
Hunter D RThe granitic rocks of the Precambrian in Swaziland131-147. Abstract
Thatcher E CGneisses and granites in the Malawi province of the Mozambique Belt149-155. Abstract
Lister L AThe microgeomorphology of granite in northeastern Rhodesia. [Zimbabwe]157-161. Abstract
Purves W DEngineering implications of granite weathering163-166. Abstract
Gordon P S LThe Selebi-Pikwe nickel-copper deposits, Botswana167-187. Abstract
Roberts A EThe geological setting of copper ore bodies at Inyati Mine, Headlands District, Rhodesia. [Zimbabwe]189-196. Abstract
Gatherall, D.J.The Shabani younger granite, Shabani, Rhodesia. [Zimbabwe]197-200. Abstract
Grubb, P.L.C.Paragenesis of spodumene and other lithium minerals in some Rhodesian pegmatites. [Zimbabwe]201-216. Abstract
Allsopp H L; Erlank A J; Hornung GRb-Sr age measurements on the Umkondo dolerites of Rhodesia. [Zimbabwe]217. Abstract
Fitch F J; Miller J ADating granites by the potassium-argon method219-225. Abstract
Saggerson E PMetamorphic facies series in Africa: a contrast227-234. Abstract
Bahnemann K PThe origin of the Singelele granite gneiss near Messina, Northern Transvaal235-244. Abstract
Bahnemann, K.P.The origin of the Singelele granite gneiss near Messina, northern Transvaal.235-244. Abstract
Bennet J DThe gneisses and granitoid rocks of eastern Botswana245-251. Abstract
Mackie T A; Oosthuizen J H CThe geology of the Towla-Jopempi area, Rhodesia. [Zimbabwe]253-264. Abstract
Robertson I D MPotash granites of the southern edge of the Rhodesian Craton and the Northern Granulite Zone of the Limpopo Mobile Belt. [Zimbabwe]265-276. Abstract
Newton A R; Joubert PPhotogeology in a granite gneiss terrain, Namaqualand, South Africa277-287. Abstract
Joubert PThe development of the gneisses of part of Namaqualand289-305. Abstract
Bridgwater D; Windley B FAnorthosites, post-orogenic granites, acid volcanic rocks and crustal development in the North Atlantic Shield during the mid-Proterozoic307-317. Abstract
Windley B FArchaean anorthosites: a review with the Fiskenaesset Complex, West Greenland as a model for interpretation319-332. Abstract
Caminos RSome granites, gneisses and metamorphites of Argentina333-338. Abstract
Hodgson F D IPetrography and evolution of the Brandberg intrusion, South West Africa. [Namibia]339-343. Abstract
Wolhuter L EThe petrology of the Opemisca Lake Pluton, Quebec, Canada345-359. Abstract
Anhaeusser C RThe geology and geochemistry of the Archaean granites and gneisses of the Johannesburg - Pretoria dome361-385. Abstract
Wolhuter L EMajor and trace elements in the Opemisca Lake Granite Pluton, Quebec, Canada387-409. Abstract
Kröner AMetasomatism and granitization in part of the Namaqualand granite-gneiss complex - a comparison between petrographic evidence and geochemical data411-417. Abstract
Viewing K A; Harrison N MA geological reconnaissance of the Chinamora Batholith Near Salisbury, Rhodesia. [Zimbabwe]419-432. Abstract
Dhana Raju R; Krishna Rao J S RThe petrochemistry of some Indian granitic rocks433-441. Abstract
Miller R McGThe implication of albite rims in granite studies443-446. Abstract
Smith C C; Fripp R E PThe northern contact facies of the Matopos Granite, Rhodesia. [Zimbabwe]447-453. Abstract
Garlick W GThe Nchanga Granite. [Zambia]455-474. Abstract
Bridgwater D; McGregor V R; Windley B FStages in the development of the early Precambrian crust of Greenland475-477. Abstract
De Albuquerque C A RThe origin of enclaves in granitic rocks from northern Portugal479-493. Abstract
Montoto MPetrographic transformations in granitic rocks under tectonic stress495-498. Abstract
Laurent RThe origin and kinematic evolution of a metasomatic granite of the Aiguilles Rouges, western Alps499-505. Abstract
Mendelsohn FMobile belts507-509. Abstract
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No. 4. Mineralization in Metamorphic Terranes.  Verwoerd, W.J., ed. 1978. ISBN 0 627 010032.
Wynne-Edwards H RTectonic evaluation of Precambrian metamorphic terranes for mineral exploration.3-5. Abstract
Brant A A; Fuller B DGeophysical exploration and problems in metamorphic terranes7-40. Abstract
Hopwood TConformable elongate ore bodies and intrafolial folds parallel to a mineral streaking lineation.41-51. Abstract
Viljoen M J; Van Vuuren C J J; Pearton T N; Minnitt R C A; Muff R; Cilliers PThe regional geological setting of mineralization in the Murchison Range with particular reference to antimony.55-76. Abstract
Pearton T NThe geology and geochemistry of the Monarch orebody and environs, Murchison Range, north-eastern Transvaal.77-86. Abstract
De Waal S AThe nickel deposits at Bon Accord, Barberton, South Africa - a proposed paleometeorite.87-98. Abstract
Van Niekerk C B; Burger A JThe age of the Moodies conglomerate boulders99-106. Abstract
Foster R P; Mann A G; Armin T; Burmeister B BRichardson's Kop wolframite deposit, Rhodesia: a geochemical model for the hydrothermal behaviour of tungsten107-128. Abstract
Marsh S C KNickel-copper occurrences at Dikoloti and Lentswe, eastern Botswana.131-148. Abstract
Van Reenen D D; Du Toit M CThe reaction garnet + quartz = cordierite + hypersthene in granulites of the Limpopo metamorphic complex in northern Transvaal149-177. Abstract
Kröner AThe Namaqua Mobile Belt with in the framework of Precambrian crustal evolution in southern Africa.181-188. Abstract
Beeson R; Brunke E G; Dent R HPreliminary results from a regional geochemical survey in the north-western Cape Province189-203. Abstract
Wheatley C J VAspects of geochemical exploration in the Bushmanland region, north-west Cape205-214. Abstract
Joubert PThe fault pattern south of Kakamas - an example of convergent wrench fault tectonics.215-222. Abstract
Cornell D HAge and metamorphism of the Copperton Formation, Prieska District.223-234. Abstract
Rozendaal AThe Gamsberg zinc deposit, Namaqualand.235-265. Abstract
Lombaard A F; Schreuder F J GDistribution pattern and general geological features of steep structures, megabreccias and basic rocks in the Okiep Copper district.269-295. Abstract
Hälbich I WMinor structures in gneiss and the origin of steep structures in the Okiep copper district.297-322. Abstract
Van Zyl DA petrological approach towards the ore-bearing potentialities of the Okiep basic intrusives in Namaqualand.323-329. Abstract
Prins P; Venter J PPrimary dispersion aureoles associated with copper-bearing mafic bodies, Namaqualand.331-344. Abstract
Clifford T N; Stumpfl E F; Burger A JMineralogical and isotope studies of the crystalline rocks of the Okiep-Nababeep District, Namaqualand.345-347. Abstract
Stumpfl E FVariations in silicate, oxide and sulphide mineralogy in the Okiep Copper District.349-350. Abstract
McCarthy T SA geochemical study of the gneisses of the Nababeep District, Namaqualand.351-353. Abstract
Hugo D; Maher M J; Maske SA review of the application of the magnetic and gravity methods of prospecting in the Okiep copper district.355-383. Abstract
Muller J A; Maher M J; Saal E WThe significance of natural remanent magnetization in geophysical exploration in the Okiep copper district.385-401. Abstract
Martin HThe mineralization of the ensialic Damara Orogenic Belt.405-415. Abstract
Jacob R EGranite genesis and associated mineralization in part of the Central Damara Belt.417-432. Abstract
Finnemore S HThe geochemistry and origin of the Matchless amphibolite belt, Windhoek District, South-West Africa.433-447. Abstract
Stowe C WStructure of the Lomagundi Group in the Sinoia area, Rhodesia449-459. Abstract
Bowes D RCharacterization of regimes of polyphase deformed metamorphic rocks in the Baltic Shield463-475. Abstract
Stanton R LSpeculation on the chemical metasediments of Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia477-480. Abstract
Both R ARemobilization of mineralization during retrograde metamorphism, Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia481-489. Abstract
Taylor A PTextures in sulphide-bearing archaean ultramafic rocks from the Spargoville area, Western Australia491-508. Abstract
Skinner W R; Bowes D R; Skinner D LPetrochemistry of chromitite-bearing ultramafic complexes, Red Lodge, Montana, U.S.A.509-527. Abstract
Wheatley C J VOre mineral fabrics in the Avoca polymetallic sulphide deposits, south-east Ireland529-544. Abstract
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No. 5. A symposium on mineral deposits and the transportation and deposition of metals.
C.R. Anhaeusser, R.P. Foster and T. Stratten, eds. 1979. ISBN 0 620 03798 9.
Wilson J FA preliminary reappraisal of the Rhodesian basement complex.1-23. Abstract
Foster R P; Mann A G; Miller R G; Smith P J RGenesis of archaean gold mineralisation with reference to three deposits in the Gatooma area, Rhodesia.25-38. Abstract
Stowe C WGold and associated mineralization in the Que Que area, Rhodesia39-48. Abstract
Stidolph P AThe distribution of gold in the Shamva Greenstone Belt49-53. Abstract
Harrison N MThe geology of the Redwing Gold Mine, Penhalonga, Umtali District, Rhodesia.55-60. Abstract
Roberts A EA gold-bearing felsite horizon near Umtali - Rhodesia61-65. Abstract
Viljoen M J; Bernasconi AThe geochemistry, regional setting and genesis of the Shangani-Damba nickel deposits, Rhodesia.67-98. Abstract
Anderson L G; Varndell B J; Westner G JSome geological aspects of the Perseverance nickel deposit, Rhodesia99-107. Abstract
Mowbray R J; Brand E L; Hofmeyer P K; Potter MThe Hunters Road nickel prospect.109-116. Abstract
Lear P AThe ore mineralogy of the Pikwe and Selebi nickel-copper deposits, Botswana117-132. Abstract
Viljoen M JThe geology and geochemistry of the "Antimony Line" in the United Jack Complex, Murchison Range.133-158. Abstract
Pearton T NA geochemical investigation of the carbonate and associated rocks of the Monarch Antimony Mine, Murchison Range, north-eastern Transvaal.159-166. Abstract
Muff R; Saager RMetallogenic interpretations from a mineragraphic and geostatistic study of antimony ores of the Murchison Greenstone Belt, South Africa167-179. Abstract
Anhaeusser C R; Ryan P J"Barren" massive sulphide deposits in the Mphoengs schist belt, Rhodesia: a case history181-203. Abstract
Fripp R E P; Donelly T H; Lambert I BSulphur isotope results for archaean banded iron-formation, Rhodesia205-208. Abstract
Bahnemann K P; Lockett N HThe geology and copper mineralization of the Gwai River Mine area, Wankie District, Rhodesia209-217. Abstract
Mann A GSedimentological control of copper deposition in the Sijarira Group, western Umniati River area, Rhodesia219-227. Abstract
Cotterill PThe Selukwe schist belt and its chromitite deposits229-245. Abstract
Moore A CChromite in Norway247-252. Abstract
Viewing K A; Hodgson W A; Wenden D AThe geochemistry of the two granites associated with mineral deposits, near Salisbury, Rhodesia253-261. Abstract
Connan JGenetic relation between oil and ore in some Pb-Zn-Ba ore deposits263-274. Abstract
Crocker I TMetallogenic aspects of the Bushveld granites: Fluorite, tin and associated rare metal-carbonate mineralisation.275-295. Abstract
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No. 6. Some sedimentary basins and associated ore deposits of South Africa.
Ann M. Anderson and W.J. Van Biljon, eds. 1979. ISBN 0 620 04026 2.
Picard M D; High L R (Jr)Lacustrine stratigraphic relations.1-21. Abstract
Muff R; Saager RPetrographic and mineragraphic investigations of the archaean gold placer at Mount Robert in the Pietersburg Greenstone Belt, northern Transvaal23-31. Abstract
Pretorius D AThe depositional environment of the Witwatersrand goldfields: a chronological review of speculations and observations.33-55. Abstract
Von Rahden H V R; Von Rahden M J EA geostatistical study of the Ventersdorp Contact and Vaal Reefs.57-64. Abstract
Martini J E JA copper bearing bed in the Pretoria Group in northeastern Transvaal.65-72. Abstract
Crocker I TFluorite mineralisation in the dolomite of the Transvaal Supergroup.73-82. Abstract
Anderson A M; McLachlan I RThe oil-shale potential of the early Permian White Band Formation in southern Africa83-89. Abstract
Ryan P J; Whitfield C GBasinal analysis of the Ecca and lowermost Beaufort beds and associated coal, uranium and heavy mineral beach sand occurrences.91-101. Abstract
Van Vuuren C J; Cole D IThe stratigraphy and depositional environments of the Ecca Group in the northern part of the Karoo Basin103-111. Abstract
Steyn P P A; Beukes N JDie sedimentologie van die Davelsteenkoolveld van die Vryheid Formasie van die Karoo Supergroep in die oos-Transvaal113-129. Abstract
Rowsell D M; Connan JOil generation, migration and preservation in the Middle Ecca sequence near Dannhauser and Wakkerstroom131-150. Abstract
Bredell, J.H.The nature and distribution of the Karoo sequence on the east and west Rand with special reference to refractory clays.151-160. Abstract
McLachlan I R; McMillan I KMicrofaunal biostratigraphy, chronostratigraphy and history of mesozoic and cenozoic deposits on the coastal margin of South Africa161-181. Abstract
Winter H De La RApplication of basic principles of stratigraphy to the Jurassic-Cretaceous interval in Southern Africa.183-196. Abstract
Du Toit S RThe Mesozoic history of the Agulhas Bank in terms of the plate-tectonic theory197-203. Abstract
Leith M J; Rowsell D MBurial history and temperature-depth conditions for hydrocarbon generation and migration on the Agulhas Bank, South Africa205-217. Abstract
Stratten TThe origin of the diamondiferous alluvial gravels in southwestern Transvaal.219-228. Abstract
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No. 7. ICAM 81. Proceedings of the First International Congress on Applied Mineralogy.
De Villiers, J.P.R., Cawthorn P.A, eds. 1983. ISBN 0 620 06589 3.
Amstutz G CMineralogy and petrology applied to exploration.1-4. Abstract
Eales H V; Reynolds I MFactors influencing the composition of chromite and magnetite in some southern African rocks.5-20. Abstract
Groves D I; Barrett F M; Brotherton R HExploration significance of chrome-spinels in mineralized ultramafic rocks and nickel-copper ores.21-30. Abstract
Ahlrichs J WThe role of the mineralogist in the exploration and testing of gold ore.31-37. Abstract
Hallbauer D KGeochemistry and fluid inclusions in detrital minerals as guides to their provenance and distribution.39-57. Abstract
Kable E J DCharacterisation of quartz and pyrite in Witwatersrand gold-bearing conglomerates by minor and trace elements.59-66. Abstract
Meyer M; Saager R; Köppel VRadionuclide techniques and lead isotope analyses as tools in uranium exploration.67-77. Abstract
Phillips G N; Groves D I; Clark M EThe importance of host-rock mineralogy in the location of Archaean epigenetic gold deposits.79-86. Abstract
Fitzpatrick R WOccurrence and mineralogy of ferruginous bauxites along the eastern seaboard of South Africa.87-96. Abstract
Mackowsky M -TThe application of coal petrology.97-109. Abstract
Smith W H; Roux H J; Steyn J G DThe classification of coal macerals and their relation to certain chemical and physical parameters of coal.111-115. Abstract
Macgregor I MPreliminary results on the relationship of coal petrology to coal cuttability in some South African coals.117-128. Abstract
Willis J PTrace-element studies on South African coals and fly ash.129-135. Abstract
Falcon L M; Falcon R M SThe application of coal petrography to certain beneficiation techniques on South African coal.137-148. Abstract
Krynauw J RA preliminary investigation into the suitability of South African anthracites for Soderberg electrodes.149-155. Abstract
Smith W H; Roux H J; Sterling K JAutomation as applied in coal petrography.157-161. Abstract
Gaigher J LQuantitative x-ray diffraction for the determination of minerals in South African coal production samples.163-168. Abstract
Hart R J; Leahy R MThe geochemical characterisation of coal seams from the Witbank Basin.169-174. Abstract
Henley K JOre-dressing mineralogy - a review of techniques, applications and recent developments.175-200. Abstract
Petruk W; Schnarr J RThe behaviour of minerals during flotation of a base-metal ore from the Brunswick No. 12 deposit in Canada.201-208. Abstract
Hagni R DApplications of the ore microscope to ore-dressing problems in the Viburnum trend, south-east Missouri, USA.209-215. Abstract
Watson M D; Botha P HMineralogical investigation of the ore and plant products as an aid for improved beneficiation of the Zn-Pb-Cu ore at Rosh Pinah, South West Africa.217-223. Abstract
Hense JIntergrowth as a limiting factor of lead-zinc separation in complex ore processing - a plant study.225-227. Abstract
Wilson A FThe economic significance of non-hydrothermal transport of gold, and of the accretion of large gold nuggets in laterite and other weathering profiles in Australia.229-234. Abstract
Dimanche F; Ek C; Frenay JProcessing of Belgian oxidised zinc ores: a good example of applied mineralogy.235-237. Abstract
Bockmann De Cianciarulo SRelationship between mineral textures and their industrial behaviour.239-243. Abstract
De Waal S AThe effects of supergene alteration on the chemistry and floatability of sphalerite.245-251. Abstract
D'Orey F L C; Rebelo J L AThe nature of the refractory iron ores at Moncorvo, north-eastern Portugal.253-260. Abstract
Hausen D MProcess mineralogy of auriferous pyritic ores at Carlin, Nevada.261-269. Abstract
Hofmeyr P K; Potgieter G AThe occurrence of pseudo-hydrothermal gold in pyrite at Unisel Gold Mines Limited.271-274. Abstract
Knights J GHilton Mine silver mineralogy - its distribution, textural associations and metallurgical significance.275-286. Abstract
Vochten R FFormation of secondary uranyl phosphates in the oxidation zone of uranium deposits.287-293. Abstract
Peyerl WThe metallurgical implications of the mode of occurrence of platinum-group metals in the Merensky Reef and UG-2 chromitite of the Bushveld Complex.295-300. Abstract
Smits G; Uiterwijk B HThe uranium mineralization in the south-western Karoo: its mineralogy and genesis.301-313. Abstract
Tanelli G; Lattanzi PPyritic ores of southern Tuscany, Italy.315-323. Abstract
Muan AEquilibria in metal and oxide systems at high temperatures.325-336. Abstract
Kinloch E DThe role of mineralogy in pilot plant pre-reduction of chromite ores in South Africa.337-349. Abstract
Wedepohl A; Barcza N AThe "dig-out" of a ferrochromium furnace.351-363. Abstract
Blaschek O; Paulitsch PGlass ceramic fibres365-367. Abstract
Howden M GThe in situ synthesis of zeolite Y in fired kaolinite matrices.369-373. Abstract
Koursaris A; Kleyenstüber A S E; Finn C W PA mineralogical investigation of the reduction of Mamatwan manganese ore with carbon.375-382. Abstract
Buchanan D L; Nolan J; Wilkinson N; De Villiers J P RAn experimental investigation of sulphur solubility as a function of temperature in synthetic silicate melts.383-391. Abstract
Krüger J EStudy of the devitrification and hydration of vitreous, high-magnesia blast-furnace slag by means of differential thermal analysis, thermogravimetry, X-ray diffraction and electron microscopy.393-402. Abstract
Crawford DThe fine structure of amphiboles, carbonaceous material and chromites as revealed by transmission electron microscopy.403-408. Abstract
Paterson A W; Heckroodt R OAn infra-red study of the modification of water adsorption on kaolin in the presence of adsorbed polyacrylamide.409-412. Abstract
Brynard H JFission-track studies of uranium distribution in geological samples.413-417. Abstract
Watterson J I W; Mngadi T J; Sellschop J P FInstrumental neutron-activation analysis of zircons from the upper Witwatersrand System.419-424. Abstract
Smyth C PMineralogical correction factors applied to x-ray fluorescence analysis of manganese ore in powder brickette form.425-434. Abstract
De Villiers J P R; Ormrod G T W; Cole A EOn-stream analysis, by X-ray diffraction, of apatite-containing slurries.435-442. Abstract
King R PStereological methods for the prediction and measurement of mineral liberation.443-447. Abstract
Oosthuyzen E JThe application of automatic image analysis to mineralogy and extractive metallurgy.449-464. Abstract
Bentz ECombined morphological and reflectivity measurements for the description of mineral resources using image analysis.465-467. Abstract
Barbery G; Bloise R; Gateau C; Reinhart CMineral liberation measurements and their interpretation.469-473. Abstract
Jones M PThe characterisation of ores and mineral products by automatic image analysis of mineralogical features.475-478. Abstract
Hiemstra S AThe iridescent coating of polished sections, and its application to ore microscopy and image analysis.479-483. Abstract
Lombaard T; Hiemstra S ADevelopment of an apparatus for the magnetohydrostatic separation of minerals.485-489. Abstract
Zimmels Y; Lin I JAdvances in magnetic separation techniques for mineralogical studies.491-498. Abstract
Viljoen E A; Johnson J AMicrobeam techniques in applied mineralogy.499-506. Abstract
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No. 8. The Limpopo Belt. A contribution to the National Geodynamics Programme.
W J Biljon & J H Legg, eds. 1983. ISBN 0 620 06586 9.
Nicolaysen L OPreface. The Limpopo Belt - a contribution to the National Geodynamics Programme.p vii. Abstract
Barton J M (Jr)Introduction to Limpopo Belt.1-3. Abstract
Watkeys M KBrief explanatory notes on the provisional geological map of the Limpopo Belt and environs.5-8. Abstract
Barton J M; Ryan B; Fripp R E PRb-Sr and U-Th-Pb isotopic studies of the Sand River Gneisses, Central Zone, Limpopo Mobile Belt.9-18. Abstract
Barton J M; Key R MRb-Sr ages and geological setting of certain rock units from the central zone of the Limpopo Mobile Belt, near Zanzibar, eastern Botswana.19-25. Abstract
Barton J M; Fripp R E P; Horrocks P CRb-Sr ages and chemical composition of some deformed Archaean mafic dykes, Central Zone, Limpopo Mobile Belt, southern Africa.27-37. Abstract
Barton J MPb-isotopic evidence for the age of the Messina Layered Intrusion, Central Zone, Limpopo Mobile Belt.39-41. Abstract
Barton J MPb-isotopic studies of banded iron-formation, Central Zone, Limpopo Mobile Belt.43-44. Abstract
Barton J M; McCourt SRb-Sr age for the Palala Granite, Limpopo Mobile Belt.45-46. Abstract
Ryan B D; Kramers J D; Stacey J S; Delevaux M; Barton J M (Jr); Fripp R E PStrontium and lead isotopic studies and K/Rb ratio measurements relating to the origin and emplacement of the copper deposits near Messina, South Africa.47-53. Abstract
Barton J M (Jr); Du Toit M C; Van Reenen D D; Ryan BGeochronologic studies in the Southern Marginal Zone of the Limpopo Mobile Belt, southern Africa.55-64. Abstract
Watkeys M K; Light M P R; Broderick T JA retrospective view of the Central Zone of the Limpopo Belt, Zimbabwe65-80. Abstract
Horrocks P CThe Precambrian geology of an area between Messina and Tshipise, Limpopo Mobile Belt.81-88. Abstract
Fripp R E PThe Precambrian geology of the area around the Sand River near Messina, Central Zone, Limpopo Mobile Belt.89-102. Abstract
Brandl GGeology and geochemistry of various supracrustal rocks of the Beit Bridge Complex east of Messina.103-112. Abstract
McCourt SArchaean lithologies of the Koedoesrand area, north-west Transvaal, South Africa.113-119. Abstract
Du Toit M C; Van Reenen D D; Roering CSome aspects of the geology, structure and metamorphism of the Southern Marginal Zone of the Limpopo Metamorphic Complex.121-142. Abstract
Van Reenen D DCordierite + garnet + hypersthene + biotite-bearing assemblages as a function of changing metamorphic conditions in the Southern Marginal Zone of the Limpopo Metamorphic Complex, South Africa.143-167. Abstract
Key R M; Ermanovics I F; Skinner A CThe evolution of the southern margin of the Limpopo Mobile Belt in Botswana.169-174. Abstract
Coward M PSome thoughts on the tectonics of the Limpopo Belt.175-180. Abstract
Barker O BA proposed geotectonic model for the Soutpansberg Group within the Limpopo Mobile Belt, South Africa.181-190. Abstract
Barton J M (Jr)Our understanding of the Limpopo Belt - a summary with proposals for future research.191-203. Abstract
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No. 9. Contributions to the geology of the Barberton Mountain Land. National Geodynamics Programme, Barberton Project.
C.R. Anhaeusser, ed. 1983. ISBN 0 620 06587 7
Nicolaysen L OPreface. Contributions to the geology of the Barberton Mountain Land.p vii. Abstract
Anhaeusser C RIntroduction. Contributions to the geology of the Barberton Mountain Land.xi-xiv. Abstract
Viljoen M J; Viljoen R P; Smith H S; Erlank A JGeological, textural and geochemical features of komatiitic flows from the Komati Formation.1-20. Abstract
De Wit M J; Fripp R E P; Stanistreet I GTectonic and stratigraphic implications of new field observations along the southern part of the Barberton Greenstone Belt21-29. Abstract
Anhaeusser C RThe geology of the Schapenburg greenstone remnant and surrounding Archaean granitic terrane south of Badplaas, Eastern Transvaal.31-44. Abstract
Jackson M P A; Robertson D IRegional implications of early-Precambrian strains in the Onverwacht Group adjacent to the Lochiel Granite, north-west Swaziland45-62. Abstract
Barton J M (Jr); Robb L J; Anhaeusser C R; Van Nierop D AGeochronologic and Sr-isotopic studies of certain units in the Barberton granite-greenstone terrane, South Africa.63-72. Abstract
Barton J M (Jr)Isotopic constraints on possible tectonic models for crustal evolution in the Barberton granite-greenstone terrane, southern Africa73-79. Abstract
Robb L JThe nature, origin and significance of Archaean migmatites in the Barberton Mountain Land: A new approach in the assessment of early crustal evolution.81-101. Abstract
Robb L J; Anhaeusser C RChemical and petrogenetic characteristics of Archaean tonalite-trondhjemite gneiss plutons in the Barberton Mountain Land.103-116. Abstract
Robb L J; Anhaeusser C R; Van Nierop D AThe recognition of the Nelspruit Batholith north of the Barberton Greenstone Belt and its significance in terms of Archaean crustal evolution.117-130. Abstract
Anhaeusser C R; Robb L JGeological and geochemical characteristics of the Heerenveen and Mpuluzi batholiths south of the Barberton greenstone belt and preliminary thoughts on their petrogenesis.131-151. Abstract
Robb L JGeological and chemical characteristics of late granite plutons in the Barberton region and Swaziland with an emphasis on the Dalmein Pluton - A review.153-167. Abstract
Anhaeusser C R; Robb L J; Barton J M (Jr)Mineralogy, petrology and origin of the Boesmanskop Syeno-granite Complex, Barberton Mountain Land, South Africa.169-183. Abstract
De Wit M JNotes on a preliminary 1:25 000 geological map of the Southern Part of the Barberton Greenstone Belt185-187, map. Abstract
Anhaeusser C R; Robb L JChemical analyses of granitoid rocks from the Barberton Mountain Land.189-219. Abstract
Anhaeusser C R; Robb L J; Viljoen M JNotes on the provisional geological map of the Barberton Greenstone Belt and surrounding granitic terrane, Eastern Transvaal and Swaziland (1:25 000 colour map)221-223, map. Abstract
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No. 10. The Namaqualand Metamorphic Complex. 1983. ISBN 0 620 06641 5.
Blignault H J; Marais J A H; Van Der Merwe S W; Van Aswegen G; Muller J AThe Namaqualand Geotraverse (map)map. Abstract
Blignault H J; Van Aswegen G; Van Der Merwe S W; Colliston W PThe Namaqualand Geotraverse and environs: part of the Proterozoic Namaqua Mobile Belt.1-29. Abstract
Van Aswegen GThe Gladkop Suite - the grey and pink gneisses of Steinkopf.31-44. Abstract
Barton E SReconnaissance isotopic investigations in the Namaqua Mobile Belt and implications for Proterozoic crustal evolution - Namaqua Geotraverse.45-66. Abstract
Reid D L; Barton E SGeochemical characterization of granitoids in the Namaqualand geotraverse.67-82. Abstract
Holland J G; Marais J A HThe significance of the geochemical signature of the Proterozoic gneisses of the Namaqualand Metamorphic Complex with special reference to the Okiep Copper District83-89. Abstract
De Beer J H; Meyer RGeoelectrical and gravitational characteristics of the Namaqua-Natal mobile belt and its boundaries.91-100. Abstract
Colliston W PStratigraphic and depositional aspects of the Proterozoic metasediments of the Aggeneys Subgroup at Pella and Dabenoris101-110. Abstract
Ritter UThe mid-Proterozoic magmatic and tectono-thermal evolution of the Richtersveld.111-122. Abstract
Kröner A; Barton E S; Burger A J; Allsopp H L; Bertrand J MThe ages of the Goodhouse Granite and grey gneisses from the Marginal Zone of the Richtersveld Province and their bearing on the timing of tectonic events in the Namaqua Mobile Belt.123-129. Abstract
Smit G J; Muller J AA statistical study of aeromagnetic anomaly trends and aeromagnetic lineaments in and around the Okiep Copper District, Namaqualand.131-137. Abstract
Muller J A; Smit G JA geophysical study along a profile from Garies to Vioolsdrif across the Okiep Copper District.139-146. Abstract
Stowe C WThe Upington Geotraverse and its implications for craton margin tectonics.147-171. Abstract
Barton E S; Burger A JReconnaissance isotopic investigations in the Namaqua Mobile Belt and implications for Proterozoic crustal evolution - Upington Geotraverse.173-191. Abstract
Van Bever Donker J MThe Neusspruit Lineament, Upington Geotraverse, possible boundary between the Namaqualand Metamorphic Complex and the Namaqua Front.193-198. Abstract
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No. 11. Evolution of the Damara Orogen of South West Africa/Namibia. National Geodynamics Programme. 1983. R. McG. Miller, ed. ISBN 0 620 06592 3.
Nicolaysen L OPreface. Evolution of the Damara Orogen of South West Africa/Namibia.p vii. Abstract
Miller R McGIntroduction. Evolution of the Damara Orogen of South West Africa/Namibia.xi-xiii. Abstract
Behr H J; Ahrendt H; Porada H; Röhrs J; Weber KUpper Proterozoic playa and sabkha deposits in the Damara Orogen, SWA/Namibia.1-20. Abstract
Porada H; Wittig RTurbidites and their significance for the geosynclinal evolution of the Damara Orogen, South West Africa/Namibia.21-36. Abstract
Downing K NThe stratigraphy and palaeoenvironment of the Damara Sequence in the Okahandja Lineament area.37-41. Abstract
Hoffmann K HLithostratigraphy and facies of the Swakop Group of the southern Damara Belt, SWA/Namibia.43-63. Abstract
Miller R McG; Freyer E E; Hälbich I WA turbidite succession equivalent to the entire Swakop Group.65-71. Abstract
Miller R McG; Barnes S-J; Balkwill GPossible active margin deposits within the southern Damara Orogen: The Kuiseb Formation between Okahandja and Windhoek.73-88. Abstract
Germs G J BImplications of a sedimentary facies and depositional environmental analysis of the Nama Group in South West Africa/Namibia.89-114. Abstract
Miller R McGTectonic implications of the contrasting geochemistry of Damaran mafic volcanic rocks, South West Africa/Namibia.115-138. Abstract
Schmidt A; Wedepohl K HChemical composition and genetic relations of the Matchless amphibolite (Damara Orogenic Belt).139-145. Abstract
Barnes S-JPan-African serpentinites in central South West Africa/Namibia and the chemical classification of serpentinites.147-155. Abstract
Jacob R E; Snowden P A; Bunting F J LGeology and structural development of the Tumas Basement Dome and its cover rocks.157-172. Abstract
Freyer E E; Hälbich I WA note on the Ogden Rocks Formation: A protomylonite belt in the Damara Orogen.173-174. Abstract
Kasch K WFolding and thrust tectonics in the south-eastern portion of the Damara Orogen around Omitara, Namibia.175-184. Abstract
Behr H J; Ahrendt H; Porada H; Weber KThe Sole Dolomite at the base of the Naukluft Nappe Complex.185-197. Abstract
Martin H; Porada H; Wittig RWhere lies the root zone of the Naukluft Nappe Complex?199-207. Abstract
Sawyer E WStructures in the contact strain aureole of the Donkerhuk Granite, Gross Barmen area, South West Africa/Namibia.209-217. Abstract
Puhan DTemperature and pressure of metamorphism in the central Damara Orogen.219-223. Abstract
Haack U; Gohn E; Hartmann ORadiogenic heat generation in Damaran rocks.225-231. Abstract
Hartmann O; Hoffer E; Haack URegional metamorphism in the Damara Orogen: Interaction of crustal motion and heat transfer.233-241. Abstract
Kasch K WRegional P-T variations in the Damara Orogen with particular reference to early high-pressure metamorphism along the southern margin.243-253. Abstract
Kasch K WTectonothermal evolution of the southern Damara Orogen.255-265. Abstract
Miller R McG; Burger A JU-Pb zircon age of the early Damaran Naauwpoort Formation.267-272. Abstract
Miller R McG; Burger A JU-Pb zircon ages of members of the Salem granitic suite along the northern edge of the central Damaran granite belt.273-280. Abstract
Allsopp H L; Barton E S; Kröner A; Welke H J; Burger A JEmplacement versus inherited isotopic age patterns: A Rb-Sr and U-Pb study of Salem-type granites in the central Damara Belt.281-287. Abstract
Marlow A GGeology and Rb-Sr geochronology of mineralised and radioactive granites and alaskites, Namibia.289-298. Abstract
Ahrendt H; Behr H J; Clauer N; Porada H; Weber KK-Ar age determinations from the northern Damara branch and their implications for the structural and metamorphic evolution of the Damara Orogen, South West Africa/Namibia.299-306. Abstract
Weber K; Ahrendt H; Hunziker J CGeodynamic aspects of structural and radiometric investigations on the northern and southern margins of the Damara Orogen, South West Africa/Namibia.307-319. Abstract
Welke H J; Allsopp H L; Hughes M JLead isotopic studies relating to the genesis of the base-metal deposits in the Owambo Basin, Namibia.p 321 Abstract
Hawkesworth C J; Gledhill A R; Roddick J C; Miller R McG; Kröner ARb-Sr and 40Ar-39Ar studies bearing on models for the thermal evolution of the Damara Belt, Namibia.323-338. Abstract
Corner BAn interpretation of the aeromagnetic data covering the western portion of the Damara Orogen in South West Africa/Namibia.339-354. Abstract
Green R W ESeismic refraction observations in the Damara Orogen and flanking craton and their bearing on deep seated processes in the Orogen.355-367. Abstract
Van Zijl J S V; De Beer J HElectrical structure of the Damara Orogen and its tectonic significance.369-379. Abstract
Killick A MSulphide mineralization at Gorob and its genetic relationship to the Matchless Member, Damara Sequence, SWA/Namibia.381-384. Abstract
Miller R McGEconomic implications of plate tectonic models of the Damara Orogen.385-395. Abstract
Hawkesworth C J; Marlow A GIsotope evolution of the Damara Orogenic Belt.397-407. Abstract
Coward M PThe tectonic history of the Damaran Belt.409-421. Abstract
Kasch K WContinental collision, suture progradation and thermal relaxation: A plate tectonic model for the Damara Orogen in central Namibia.423-429. Abstract
Miller R McGThe Pan-African Damara Orogen of South West Africa/Namibia.431-515. Abstract
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No. 12. Geodynamics of the Cape Fold Belt. Söhnge, A.P.G. & Hälbich, I W., eds. 1983. ISBN 0 620 06649 0.
Söhnge A P GThe Cape Fold Belt - perspective1-6. Abstract
Gresse P GThe basement - lithostratigraphy and structure of the Kaaimans Group.7-19. Abstract
Krynauw J RGranite intrusion and metamorphism in the Kaaimans Group.21-32. Abstract
Le Roux J P; Gresse P GThe sedimentary-tectonic realm of the Kango Group33-45, 13 figs. Abstract
Le Roux J PStructural evolution of the Kango Group.47-56. Abstract
De Beer J HGeophysical studies in the southern Cape Province and models of the lithosphere in the Cape Fold Belt57-64. Abstract
Le Roux D MGeological structure in the Little Karoo about 21°E longitude65-74. Abstract
Hälbich I W; Swart JStructural zoning and dynamic history of the cover rocks of the Cape Fold Belt.75-100. Abstract
Coetzee D SThe deformation style between Meirings Poort and Beaufort West.101-113. Abstract
Hälbich I WDisharmonic folding, detachment and thrusting in the Cape Fold Belt.115-123. Abstract
Hälbich I WIntra-formational folding in the Cape Fold Belt.125-130. Abstract
Hälbich I W; Cornell D HMetamorphic history of the Cape Fold Belt.131-148. Abstract
Hälbich I W; Fitch F J; Miller J ADating the Cape Orogeny.149-164. Abstract
Hälbich I WA tectogenesis of the Cape Fold Belt (CFB)165-175. Abstract
Hälbich I WA geodynamic model for the Cape Fold Belt.177-184. Abstract
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No. 13. Petrogenesis of the volcanic rocks of the Karoo province. A.J. Erlank, ed. 1984. ISBN 0 620 06650 4.
Eales H V; Marsh J S; Cox K GThe Karoo igneous province: An introduction1-26. Abstract
Marsh J S; Eales H VThe chemistry and petrogenesis of igneous rocks of the Karoo central area, Southern Africa27-67. Abstract
Bristow J W; Cox K GVolcanic rocks of the Lebombo-Nuanetsi-Sabi zone: Classification and nomenclature69-75. Abstract
Armstrong R A; Bristow J W; Cox K GThe Rooi Rand dyke swarm, southern Lebombo77-86. Abstract
Bristow J WNephelinites of the north Lebombo and south-east Zimbabwe87-104. Abstract
Bristow J WPicritic rocks of the north Lebombo and south-east Zimbabwe.105-123. Abstract
Cox K G; Bristow J WThe Sabie River Basalt Formation of the Lebombo monocline and south-east Zimbabwe.125-147. Abstract
Cox K G; Duncan A R; Bristow J W; Taylor S R; Erlank A JPetrogenesis of the basic rocks of the Lebombo.149-169. Abstract
Cleverly R W; Betton P J; Bristow J WGeochemistry and petrogenesis of the Lebombo rhyolites.171-194. Abstract
Erlank A J; Marsh J S; Duncan A R; Miller R McG; Hawkesworth C J; Betton P J; Rex D CGeochemistry and petrogenesis of the Etendeka volcanic rocks from SWA/Namibia195-245. Abstract
Fitch F J; Miller J ADating Karoo igneous rocks by the conventional K-Sr and 40Ar/39Ar age spectrum methods.247-266. Abstract
Allsopp H L; Roddick J CRb-Sr and 40Ar-39Ar age determinations on phlogopite micas from the pre-Lebombo Group Dokolwayo kimberlite pipe.267-271. Abstract
Allsopp H L; Manton W I; Bristow J W; Erlank A JRb-Sr geochronology of Karoo felsic volcanics.273-280. Abstract
Allsopp H L; Bristow J W; Logan C T; Eales H V; Erlank A JRb-Sr geochronology of three Karoo-related intrusive complexes.281-287. Abstract
Richardson S HSr, Nd and O isotope variation in an extensive Karoo dolerite sheet, southern Namibia289-293. Abstract
Bristow J W; Allsopp H L; Erlank A J; Marsh J S; Armstrong R AStrontium isotope characterisation of Karoo volcanic rocks.295-329. Abstract
Betton P J; Armstrong R A; Manton W IVariations in the lead isotopic composition of Karoo magmas.331-339. Abstract
Hawkesworth C J; Marsh J S; Duncan A R; Erlank A J; Norry M JThe role of continental lithosphere in the generation of the Karoo volcanic rocks: evidence from combined Nd- and Sr-isotope studies341-354. Abstract
Duncan A R; Erlank A J; Marsh J SRegional geochemistry of the Karoo igneous province355-388. Abstract
Duncan A.R., Erlank A.J., Betton P.J.Appendix 1: Analytical techniques and database descriptions.389-395. Abstract

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Witwatersrand Gold - 100 Years: A review of the discovery and development of the Witwatersrand Goldfields as seen from the geological viewpoint., by Antrobus E S A., 1986. ISBN 0 620 09662 4.
Antrobus E S APreamble1-6Abstract
Werdmüller V WThe Central Rand.7-47, 4 A3 pl. Abstract
Lednor MThe West Rand Goldfield.49-109 Abstract
De Jager F S JThe East Rand Goldfield and the South Rand Goldfield.111-171 Abstract
Chapman K M; Tucker R F; Kidger R JThe Klerksdorp Goldfield.173-197 Abstract
Engelbrecht C JThe West Wits Line.199-223, 1 A3 map. Abstract
Greathead C; Graadt Van Roggen J FThe Orange Free State Goldfield.225-280, 1 A3 fig. Abstract
Leeb-Du Toit AThe Evander Goldfield.281-298 Abstract

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Proceedings and papers of the 2nd Gondwana Symposium, CapeTown & Johannesburg, South Africa 1970.
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Amos A J; Rocha-Campos A CA review of South American Gondwana geology 1967-1969.1-13. Abstract
Adie R JReview of Antarctica Gondwana geology.15-22. Abstract
Dickins J M; Roberts JProgress in Gondwana stratigraphy and palaeontology in Australia since 1967.23-28. Abstract
Ghosh P K; Mitra N DA review of recent progress in the studies of the Gondwanas of India.29-47. Abstract
Haughton S HThe Gondwana (Karroo) System in Southern Africa.49-54. Abstract
Creer K MReview and interpretation of palaeomagnetic data from the Gondwanic continents.55-72. Abstract
Bigarella J JContinental drift and paleocurrent analysis (A comparison between Africa and South America).73-97. Abstract
Frakes L A; Crowell J CGlaciation and associated circulation effects resulting from late Palaeozoic drift of Gondwanaland.99-109. Abstract
Romer A STetrapod vertebrates and Gondwanaland.111-124. Abstract
Teichert CMarine fossil invertebrate faunas of the Gondwana region.125-138. Abstract
Plumstead E PRecent progress and the future of palaeobotanical correlation in Gondwanaland.139-149. Abstract
Haughton S HGondwana and the geologist.151-155. Abstract
Bain G WPosition for the magnetic poles during the Karroo Period.157-167. Abstract
Valencio D AThe significance of the palaeomagnetic data from Mesozoic and Cenozoic rocks of South America.169-174. Abstract
De Loczy LGondwanaland problems in the light of recent paleogeographic and geotectonic recognitions.175-178. Abstract
Ahmad FMarine transgression in the Gondwana System of Peninsular India - a reappraisal.179-188. Abstract
Grabert HFacies and climate in the Devonian Gondwana beds of Brazil.189-192. Abstract
Halstead L BThe northern shore of Gondwanaland in Tunisia.193-194. Abstract
Theron J NA stratigraphical study of the Bokkeveld Group (Series).197-204. Abstract
Rossouw P JThe Witteberg-Dwyka contact in the Willowmore and Steytlerville districts.205-208. Abstract
Stratten TSub-Karoo geology of the Karoo Basin in South Africa.209-211. Abstract
Ghosh P K; Mitra N DSedimentary framework of glacial and periglacial deposits of the Talchir Formation of India.213-223. Abstract
Martin H; Wilczewski NPalaeoecology, conditions of deposition and the palaeogeography of the marine Dwyka beds of South-West Africa.225-232. Abstract
Hodgson F D IThe geology of the Karroo System in the southern Kaokoveld, South-West Africa.233-240. Abstract
Azcuy C L; Morelli J RThe Paganzo Basin. Tectonic and sedimentary characteristics of the Gondwana sequences in north-western Argentina.241-247. Abstract
Barrett P JStratigraphy and paleogeography of the Beacon Supergroup in the Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica.249-256. Abstract
Harrington H JRecent advances in the study of the Beacon Supergroup in the Transantarctic Mountains.257-264. Abstract
Elliott D H; Collinson J W; Powell J SStratigraphic setting of the Triassic vertebrates of Antarctica.265-271. Abstract
Wopfner HPermian paleogeography and depositional environment of the Arckaringa Basin, South Australia.273-291. Abstract
Balasundaram M S; Ghosh P K; Dutta P KPanchet sedimentation and origin of red beds.293-301. Abstract
Kutty T S; Roy-Chowdhury TThe Gondwana sequence of the Pranhita-Godavari Valley, India, and its vertebrate faunas.303-308. Abstract
Kitching J WA short review of the Beaufort zoning in South Africa.309-312. Abstract
Turner B RFacies analysis of the Molteno sedimentary cycle.313-320. Abstract
Beukes N JStratigraphy and sedimentology of the Cave Sandstone Stage, Karoo System.321-341. Abstract
Ellenberger PLes niveaux paleontologiques de première apparition des mammifères primordiaux en Afrique du Sud et leur ichnologie. Establissement de zones stratigraphiques detaillées dans le Stormberg du Lesotho (Afrique du Sud) (Trias Superieur à Jurassique).343-370. Abstract
Micholet J; Molinas E; Penet BLe Système du Karroo du Gabon.371-380. Abstract
Waterhouse J BCorrelation of marine Permian faunas for Gondwana.381-394. Abstract
Winter H De La R; Venter J JLithostratigraphic correlation of recent deep boreholes in the Karoo-Cape sequence.395-408. Abstract
Denman P; Money N JStratigraphy and sedimentology of the Sinakumbe Formation and Siankondobo Sandstone Formation in the Gwembe region, mid-Zambezi Valley.409-420. Abstract
Elliot D HMesozoic volcanic rocks of the Beardmore Glacier area, Antarctica.421-431. Abstract
McCarthy M.JAn occurrence of pillow lava in a basal flow of the Drakensberg Volcanic Stage, Ndedema Valley, Natal.433-439. Abstract
Stratten TLate Karroo igneous rocks of the southern Lebombo Mountain Range.441-445. Abstract
Cortelezzi C R; Rodriquez A M IThe problem of diagenesis and metamorphism in the Bokkeveld Group of South Africa and Southern Hills of Buenos Aires Province (Rep. Argentina).447-450. Abstract
Van Biljon W J; Bensch J JThe "crystallinity" of illite as a measure of contact metamorphism in mudstone of the Karoo System, South Africa.451-454. Abstract
Fuller A OThe occurrence of laumontite in strata of the Karoo System, South Africa.455-456. Abstract
Rodrigues BTectonic alignments related with alkaline intrusions in Angola and Brazil.457-460. Abstract
Smith D A MThe distribution of coal quality in the Witbank and Highveld coalfields of South Africa.461-468. Abstract
Crowell J C; Frakes L AAncient Gondwana glaciations.469-476. Abstract
Lindsay J FThe nature of the Palaeozoic glaciation in Antarctica.477-481. Abstract
Stratten TTectonic framework of sedimentation during the Dwyka period in South Africa.483-490. Abstract
Matthews P EPaleorelief and the Dwyka glaciation in the eastern region of South Africa.491-499. Abstract
Chappell J; Humphreys MGlacial sedimentation in the Lower Karroo, Mid-Zambezi Valley, Rhodesia.501-509. Abstract
Segroves K LThe sequence of palynological assemblages in the Permian of the Perth Basin, Western Australia.511-529. Abstract
Bharadwaj D CPalynological subdivisions of the Gondwana sequence in India.531-536. Abstract
Rakotoarivelo MPalynostratigraphic review of the coal basin of the Sakoa - Sakamena (Madagascar).537-540. Abstract
Hart G FComputerized stratigraphic and taxonomic palynology for Lower Karroo miospores.541-542. Abstract
Volkheimer WJurassic microfloras and palaeoclimates in Argentine.543-549. Abstract
Meyen S VOn the origin and relationship of the main Carboniferous and Permian floras and their bearing on general palaeogeography of this period of time.551-555. Abstract
Sarkar S SOn the correlation of the Gangamopteris flora of India and Australia.557-560. Abstract
Banerjee M; Ghosh A KFurther studies on the genus Glossopteris Sternb. and its stratigraphic significance.561-570. Abstract
Rigby J FThe distribution of Lower Gondwana plants in the Paraná Basin of Brazil.575-584. Abstract
Melville RLinks between the Glossopteridae and the Angiosperms.585-588. Abstract
Tasch PAntarctic and other Gondwana conchostracans and insects: New data; significance for drift theory.589-592. Abstract
Riek E POrigin of the Australian insect fauna.593-598. Abstract
Wass R EThe Permian faunas of Eastern and Western Australia: A comparison.599-603. Abstract
Rocha-Campos A CUpper Palaeozoic bivalves and gastropods of Brazil and Argentina: A review.605-612. Abstract
Newell N D; Runnegar BEndemic Permian molluscan fauna in the Paraná Basin of South America.613-614. Abstract
Rossouw P JFreshwater mollusca in the Beaufort Series of Southern Africa.615-616. Abstract
Krommelbein KNon-Marine Cretaceous ostracods and their importance for the hypothesis of "Gondwanaland".617-619. Abstract
Martin H; Walliser O H; Wilczewski NA Goniatite from the glaciomarine Dwyka beds near Schlip, South-West Africa.621-625. Abstract
Savage N MA preliminary note on arthropod trace fossils from the Dwyka Series in Natal.627-635. Abstract
Anderson AAn analysis of supposed fish trails from interglacial sediments in the Dwyka Series, near Vryheid, Natal.637-647. Abstract
Chernin S; Cruickshank A R IA Capitosaurid amphibian from the Upper Luangwa Valley, Zambia.649-652. Abstract
Barry T HTerrestrial vertebrate fossils from Ecca defined beds in South Africa.653-657. Abstract
Colbert E HAntarctic Gondwana tetrapods.659-664. Abstract
Bonaparte J FAnnotated list of the South American tetrapods.665-682. Abstract
Cruickshank A R IEarly thecodont braincases.683-685. Abstract
Keyser A WSome ecological aspects of the Cistecephalus zone of the Beaufort Series of South Africa.687-689. Abstract

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Transactions of the Geological Society of South Africa


Proceedings of the Geological Society of South Africa.

The Proceedings have Roman page numbering.

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AuthorTitleDateVol, pages
Exton HInaugural Address18961, 1-11
Draper DThe primary systems of South Africa with special reference to the conglomerate beds of the Witwatersrand18961, 12-50. Abstract
Wilson-Moore CThe economic importance of the Murchison Range18961, 51-75. Abstract
Atherstone W GKimberley and its diamonds18961, 76-89. Abstract
Draper DThe Dwyka Conglomerate18961, 90-112. Abstract
Kuntz JThe Rand Conglomerate; how they were formed18961, 113-128
Schenck AOn glacial phenomena in South Africa18961, 129-141. Abstract
Brown NThe succession of the rocks in the Pilgrims' Rest district18962, 3-4.
Draper DThe extension of the Main Reef westward of the farm Witpoortje18962, 5-32. Abstract
Sawyer A RNotes on extension of Main Reef westwards of Witpoortje18962, 33-36.
Carrick J TOn faulting along the Main Reef Line18962, 39-41. Abstract
Draper DOn the connection between the conglomerate beds of the Witwatersrand and these situated in the districts of Potchefstroom and Klerksdorp18962, 47-51. Abstract
Stonestreet G DNotes on the Black Reef at Natal Spruit18962, 53-55. Abstract
Carrick J T.Faulting along the Main Reef18962, 81-86.
Frames M EA few observations on the Potchefstroom and Klerksdorp districts18962, 87-90.
Garnier M JGold and diamonds in the Transvaal and the Cape18962, 91-103, 109-120. Abstract
Harger H SOrigin of diamonds18962, 124-127.
Kuntz JCriticism on Mr. Schmitz-Dumont's river-bed theory18962, 128-130.
Wilson-Moore CSome observations on the geology of the Sabie Valley18962, 131-149.
Frames MNotes on the coal fields of the Transvaal18962, 150-157. Abstract
Bawden F WA short description of the Klerksdorp Goldfields18973, 12-16. Abstract
A ramble through the geology of Southern Africa18973, 19-30. Abstract
Draper DA ramble through the geology of South Africa – Concluded "The denudation of the continent"18973, 35-42. Abstract
Oldham R DThe Indo African Continent18973, 42-44. Abstract
Draper DNotes on Vertebraria and Glossopteris18973, p. 48. Abstract
Heslop W TLater volcanic eruptions on the Witwatersrand18973, 49-52. Abstract
Review of the annual report of the State Mining Engineer18973, 53-59. Abstract
Prister APreliminary notes on glacial phenomena at Pretoria and on the Rand18973, 70-82. Abstract
Harger H SOccurrence of Red Sandstone in the Pretoria District18973, 107-109. Abstract
Molengraaff G A FDiamonds at Rietfontein18973, 122-127. Abstract
Draper DOn the coal deposits of South Africa18973, 128-141. Abstract
Andrews A JDiscovery of fossil beds at the Witkopje pan18973, p. 146. Abstract
Becker G FThe Rand conglomerates18973, 147-148. Abstract
Prister ACoal deposits in South Africa18973, p. 149. Abstract
Prister ANote on Dr. Molengraaff's paper on "Diamonds at Rietfontein"18973, p. 150. Abstract
Lyddeker RThe Tertiary connection of South America with South Africa18973, 151-153. Abstract
Draper DOn the diamond pipes of the South African Republic18984, p 5. Abstract
Draper DNotes on the Zuurbekom Basin as a source of water supply for Johannesburg18984, 11-15. Abstract
Prister ANotes on the origin and formation of the Witwatersrand auriferous deposits18984, 19-36. Abstract
Hampton J HOn the occurrence of tin18984, 37-40. Abstract
Williams Bawden FNotes on Professor Prister's paper on the Witwatersrand conglomerates18984, 43-45. Abstract
Kuntz JNotes on Professor Prister's paper on the Witwatersrand conglomerates18984, 47-51. Abstract
White FNotes on Professor Prister's paper on the Witwatersrand conglomerates18984, 53-57. Abstract
Exton HThe late Hon. Dr. Wm. Guybon Atherstone18984, 61-65.
Rupert Jones TThe late Hon. Dr. Wm. Guybon Atherstone No. 2 Reprint from Quarterly Journal Geological Society of London18984, 67-69.
Draper DCatalogue of the "Rupert Jones" collection of papers and manuscripts18984, 77-86. Abstract
An editor's error resulted in the journal skipping pages 87 to 100.
Molengraaff G A FThe glacial origin of the Dwyka conglomerate18984, 103-115, 2 figs. Abstract
Molengraaff G A FReport of the State Geologist of the South African Republic for the year 189718984, 119-147, 2 sections. Abstract
Prister ANotes on Dr. Molengraaff's paper entitled 'The glacial origin of the Dwyka Conglomerates'18984, 151-152. Abstract
Draper DNotes on Dr. Molengraaff's paper entitled 'The glacial origin of the Dwyka Conglomerates'18984, 153-156. Abstract
Draper DNotes on Mr. Dunn's paper 'On sub-Karoo coal'18984, 157-158. Abstract
Alison M SOn the origin and formation of pans18984, 159-161. Abstract
Prister ANotes on Mr. Alison's paper "On the origin and formation of pans'18984, 167-168. Abstract
Draper DMr. Draper on Mr. Alison's paper 'On the origin and formation of pans'18984, 169-170. Abstract
Green J DGlaciers in South Africa18984, 171-172. Abstract
Prister AA few observations on two pieces of sandstone found on the top of a hill near Orange Grove, Johannesburg18984, 173-174. Abstract
Bleloch WRand conglomerates18984, 175-181. Abstract
Draper DNotes by David Draper on Mr. Bleloch's paper, entitled "On Rand conglomerates," read at the January meeting of the Society18995, 3-15. Abstract
Prister AProf. Prister's remarks on Mr. Bleloch's paper, "The Rand conglomerates."18995, 19-23. Abstract
Simpson H CMr. H.C. Simpson's views on Mr. Bleloch's paper, "The Rand conglomerates."18995, 24-25. Abstract
Frames M EA few notes on Mr. Bleloch's theory "On the Rand Conglomerates."18995, 26-29. Abstract
Bleloch WRand conglomerates18995, 30-42. Abstract
Peirson J W; Draper DAnnual report on the Council18995, 43-44.
Sawyer A RRemarks on the anticlinal theory in connection with Rand deposits18995, 45-52. Abstract
Dunn E JNotes on the differences between the Stormberg and Vereeniging coal measures18995, 61-63. Abstract
Frames M ESub-Karroo coal18995, 63-65. Abstract
Molengraaff G A FAddress by vice-president, Dr. G.A.F. Molengraaff, delivered 17th November, 190218995, 69-75. Abstract
Bunkill H BGeology of Krugersdorp district18995, 75-77, 2 figs. Abstract
Molengraaff G A F; Peirson J WAddress by the president, Dr. G.A.F. Molengraaff, and the vice-president, J. Waldie Peirson, delivered at the Annual General Meeting, held February 23rd, 190318995, 77-80.
AnonymousSeventh annual report of the Council18995, 81-87.
Rathbone E PGeology of the De Kaap goldfields19036, 3-8. Abstract
Johnson J PNotes on sections at Shark River and the creek, Algoa Bay19036, 9-11. Abstract
Molengraaff G A FRemarks on Mr. Rathbone's paper on the geology of the De Kaap Goldfields19036, p. 15. Abstract
Corstorphine G SAge of the central South African coalfield19036, 16-19. Abstract
Molengraaff G A FRemarks on the Vredefort mountain-land19036, 20-26. Abstract
Hatch F H; Higgs SDiscussion on Dr. G.A.F. Molengraaff's paper, 'Remarks on the Vredefort Mountains'19036, 30-34. Abstract
Sawyer A R; Molengraaff G A FDiscussion on Dr. G.S. Corstorphine's paper, 'Note on the age of the central South African coalfield' and author's reply to discussion.19036, 34-46. Abstract
Sawyer A RRemarks on some granite masses of the Transvaal19036, 47-49. Abstract
Hatch F HA description of two geological sections taken through the Potchefstroom district19036, 50-51. Abstract
Heslop W TDiscussion on Dr. G.S. Corstorphine's paper 'Note on the age of the central South African coalfield'19036, 56-57. Abstract
Kuntz JDiscussion on Dr. F.H. Hatch's paper 'A description of two geological sections taken through the Potchefstroom district'19036, 58-59. Abstract
Johnson J POn the discovery of implement-bearing deposits in the neighbourhood of Johannesburg: their relative age, and bearing on the question of the antiquity of man in South Africa19036, 60-67. Abstract
Molengraaff G A FPreliminary note on a hitherto unrecognised formation underlying the Black Reef series19036, p. 68. Abstract
Hatch F HNote on an unusual basal development of the Black Reef series in the Orange River Colony19036, p. 69. Abstract
Sawyer A RThe origin of the slates occurring on the Rand and in other African goldfields19036, 70-73. Abstract
Kuntz JPseudomorphosis of quartz pebbles into calcite19036, p. 74. Abstract
Sawyer A RRemarks on the south-eastern extension of the Vredefort granite mass19036, 75-76. Abstract
Gascoyne RDiscussion on Dr. Corstorphine's paper 'Note on the age of the central South African coalfield'19036, 79-81. Abstract
Leslie T NThe fossil flora of Vereeniging19036, 82-88. Abstract
Molengraaff G A FNotes on our present knowledge of the occurrence of nepheline syenite and allied rocks in the Transvaal19036, 89-90. Abstract
Dorffel DThe Balmoral cobalt lodes19036, 93-94. Abstract
Hatch F HThe boulder beds of Ventersdorp, Transvaal19036, 95-97. Abstract
Corstorphine G SThe volcanic series underlying the Black Reef19036, 99-100. Abstract
Dorffel DThe Kromdraai Quartz Reef and its geological association.19036, 101-103. Abstract
Dorffel DNote on the geological position of the basement granite.19036, 104-105. Abstract
Kuntz JThe Main Reef horizon in the Klerksdorp district19036, 106-110. Abstract
Horwood C BContribution to the discussion on Mr. Dorffel's paper, 'Note on the geological position of the basement granite'19036, 114-115. Abstract
Bleloch WDiscussion on Mr. Kuntz's paper, 'The Main Reef Horizon in the Klerksdorp district'19036, 116-122. Abstract
Draper DDiscussion on Mr. Kuntz's paper, 'The Main Reef Horizon in the Klerksdorp district'19036, 123-125. Abstract
Zimmermann JDiscussion on Mr. Kuntz's paper 'The Main Reef Horizon in the Klerksdorp district'19036, p. 126. Abstract
Higgs SDiscussion on Mr. Kuntz's paper 'The Main Reef Horizon in the Klerksdorp district'19036, p. 127. Abstract
Wilkinson DDiscussion on Mr. Kuntz's paper 'The Main Reef Horizon in the Klerksdorp district'19036, 128-129. Abstract
Kuntz JMr. Kuntz's reply to the discussion. The Main Reef Horizon in the Klerksdorp district.19036, 130-132. Abstract
Hatch F HThe geology of the Marico district, Transvaal19047, 1-6. Abstract
Dorffel DThe relation of the Buffelsdoorn Series to the Lower Witwatersrand Beds in the Klerksdorp District.19047, 7-8. Abstract
Corstorphine G SThe geological relation of the old granite to the Witwatersrand series19047, 9-12. Abstract
Sawyer A RNotes on the Malmani Goldfield19047, 15-17. Abstract
Mellor E TOn some glaciated land surfaces occurring in the district between Pretoria and Balmoral, with notes on the extent and distribution of the glacial conglomerate in the same area19047, 18-26. Abstract
Marriott H FNotes on the chemical composition of the Hospital Hill shales19047, 27-29. Abstract
Jorissen EOn the occurrence of the dolomite and chert series in the north-eastern part of the Rustenburg district19047, 30-38. Abstract
Mellor E TThe Waterberg Sandstone Formation and its relation to other formations in the Transvaal19047, 39-50. Abstract
Holmes G GSome notes on the geology of the northern Transvaal19047, 51-56. Abstract
Hatch F HThe extension of the Witwatersrand beds eastwards under the Dolomite and the Ecca Series of the southern Transvaal19047, 57-69. Abstract
Kuntz JCopper ore in South-West Africa19047, 70-76. Abstract
Voit F WA contribution to the geology of German South-West Africa19047, 77-94. Abstract
Johnson J PStone implements from beneath and above the alluvium of the Taaibosch Spruit19047, 95-96. Abstract
Hatch F H; Corstorphine G SThe geology of the Bezuidenhout Valley and the district east of Johannesburg19047, 97-109. Abstract
Horwood C BThe Red Granite of Balmoral and its relation to the cobalt lodes19047, 110-114. Abstract
Molengraaff G A FThe Vredefort Mountain-land19047, 115-116. Abstract
Johnson J PNotes on a section through the Witwatersrand beds19047, 117-122. Abstract
Frames M ESome notes on the geology of the Amsterdam Valley and the surrounding neighbourhood19047, 123-129. Abstract
Holmes G GThe geology of a part of Bechuanaland west of Vryburg19047, 130-132. Abstract
Mellor E TOutliers of the Karroo System near the junction of the Elands and Olifants Rivers in the Transvaal19047, 133-135. Abstract
Luttman-Johnson HNotes on the geology of the Fortuna Valley, Heidelberg, Transvaal19047, 136-139. Abstract
Hatch F H; Corstorphine G SThe petrography of the Witwatersrand Conglomerates, with special reference to the origin of the gold19047, 140-145. Abstract
Johnson J PNote on the stone implements from Elandsfontein no. 119047, p. 146. Abstract
Hatch F HThe oldest sedimentary rocks of the Transvaal19047, 147-150. Abstract
Jorissen ENotes on some intrusive granites in the Transvaal, the Orange River Colony and in Swaziland19047, 151-160. Abstract
Holmes G GThe Geology of a Part of the Rustenburg District19058, 1-6. Abstract
Hall A L; Steart F AOn Folding and Faulting in the Pretoria Series and the Dolomite19058, 7-15. Abstract
Molengraaff G A FNote on the geology of a portion of the Klerksdorp district, with special reference to the development of the Lower Witwatersrand Beds and the Vaal River System19058, 16-25. Abstract
Hatch F H; Corstorphine G SThe Cullinan Diamond19058, 26-27. Abstract
Stephan M JNotes on the occurrence of oil in South Africa19058, 28-32. Abstract
Mellor E TThe sandstones of Buiskop and the Springbok Flats19058, 33-37. Abstract
Mellor E TEvidence of contemporaneous volcanic action in the lower portion of the Waterberg Formation19058, 38-41. Abstract
Merensky HThe gold deposits of the Murchison Range in the north-eastern Transvaal19058, 43-46. Abstract
Hall A LGeological Notes on the Bushveld Tin Fields and the Surrounding Area19058, 47-55. Abstract
Kynaston HOn Certain Rocks Associated with the Norites and Granites of the Central Transvaal19058, 56-62. Abstract
Molengraaff G A FNote on some rock specimens exhibited at the meeting of the Geological Society of South Africa in February, 190519058, 63-65. Abstract
Thorn-Gray INotes on the Geology of the Lydenburg Gold Fields19058, 66-81. Abstract
Mennell F PThe Banket Formation of Rhodesia19058, 82-87. Abstract
Schwarz E H LThe Transvaal System in Prieska, Cape Colony19058, 88-103. Abstract
Johnson J POn the Occurrence of Palaeolithic Implements in the Krugersdorp Valley19058, 104-105. Abstract
Voit F WPreliminary Notes on "Fundamental Gneiss Formation" in South Africa19058, 106-107. Abstract
Molengraaff G A FPreliminary Note on the Geology of the Pilandsberg and a Portion of the Rustenburg District19058, 108-109. Abstract
Harger H SThe Diamond Pipes and Fissures of South Africa19058, 110-134. Abstract
Johnson J PStone Implements from Bulawayo and the Victoria Falls19058, 135-137. Abstract
Johnson J PStone Implements from Vlakfontein (No. 155)19058, p. 138. Abstract
Johnson J PStone Implements from Waterval (No. 417)19058, 139-140. Abstract
Voit F WGneiss Formation on the Limpopo19058, 141-146. Abstract
Beck ROn the Relation between Ore Veins and Pegmatites19058, 147-150. Abstract
Henderson J MNew facts bearing on the extension of the Main Reef eastward19058, 151-157. Abstract
Ronaldson J HNotes on the Copper Deposits of Little Namaqualand19058, 158-166. Abstract
Holmes G GThe Pretoria Series in the Marico District19058, 167-174. Abstract
Rogers A WThe Campbell Rand and Griquatown Series in Hay19069, 1-9, 2 pl. Abstract
Hall A L; Humphrey W AThe Black Reef Series and the underlying formations in the neighbourhood of Kromdraai and Zwartkop, north of Krugersdorp19069, 10-15, 4 pl. Abstract
Anderson WOn the geology of the Bluff Bore, Durban, Natal19079, 111-116. Abstract
Johnson J PThe geology of the neighbourhood of the Roberts Victor diamond mine19079, 117-124. Abstract
Mellor E T; Leslie T NOn a fossil forest recently exposed in the bed of the Vaal River at Vereeniging19079, 125-128, 3 pl. Abstract
Johnson J PThe Main Reef horizon on the eastern edge of the Witpoortje break19069, 16-18, 1 pl. Abstract
Kynaston HThe geology of the neighbourhood of Komati Poort19069, 19-31, 2 pl. Abstract
Kynaston HNote on the work of the Geological Survey of the Transvaal19069, 32-33. Abstract
Young R B; Johnson J PGlacial phenomena in Griqualand West19069, 34-39, 3 pl. Abstract
Jorissen EStructural and stratigraphical notes on the Klerksdorp district, with special reference to the unconformity beneath the Elsburg Series19069, 40-52, 3 pl. Abstract
Johnson J P; Young R BThe relation of the ancient deposits of the Vaal River to the Palaeolithic Period of South Africa19069, 53-56. Abstract
Young R BThe calcareous rocks of Griqualand West19069, 57-66, 1 pl. Abstract
Gau W JGeological notes on a portion of the Bushveld in the neighbourhood of the junction of the Elands and Oliphants Rivers19069, 67-73. Abstract
Mellor E TThe origin of "wash-outs" in coal mines and their relation to other features of the Transvaal coal measures19069, 74-81, 1 pl. Abstract
Sandberg CTectonical remarks on the probable big Tygerberg inverted fold and on the relative position between the Witteberg Quartzites and the Dwyka and Ecca Series in the Prince Albert district of the Cape Colony19069, 82-89, 1 pl. Abstract
Holmes G GThe geology of the south-western Transvaal19069, 90-96, 2 pl. Abstract
Mellor E TThe position of the Transvaal Coal Measures in the Karroo Sequence19069, 97-110. Abstract
Hatch F HSuccession, thickness and geological history of South African formations. [Anniversary address by the President]19079, xxi-xxxiv. Abstract
Kynaston HDiscussion on Hall and Humphrey's paper on 'The Black Reef Series and the underlying formations in the neighbourhood of Kromdraai and Zwartkop, north of Krugersdorp19069, xxxix-xl. Abstract
Henderson J MPetrographical note on the Kimberley Slates in the Eastern Rand190710, 1-5. Abstract
Wagner P APetrological notes on rocks in the vicinity of Craighall190710, 6-9. Abstract
Beck RNote on the cobalt lodes of the Transvaal190710, 10-12.
Beck RNote on the gold-bearing rock of the Ayrshire Mine, Lomagundi, Rhodesia190710, 13-16
Young R BNotes on the auriferous conglomerates of the Witwatersrand190710, 17-30. Abstract
Kynaston HNote on the correlation of the Bushveld Sandstone Series and the overlying volcanic rocks190710, 31-35. Abstract
Mellor E TNote on the field relations of the Transvaal Cobalt Lodes.190710, 36-43.
Mellor E TThe geological structure of the Middelburg district, with special reference to the character, relationships and thickness of the Waterberg System190710, 44-50. Abstract
Kynaston HThe marginal phenomena and geological relations of the granite north of Johannesburg190710, 51-61. Abstract
Young R BThe alteration of the felspars in the felspathic quartzite underlying the Hospital Hill slates190710, 62-64. Abstract
Corstorphine G SThe occurrence in kimberlite of garnet-pyroxene nodules carrying diamonds190710, 65-68. Abstract
Voit F WKimberlite dykes and pipes190710, 69-74. Abstract
Voit F WThe origin of diamonds190710, 75-80. Abstract
Seward A COn a collection of Permo-Carboniferous plants from the St. Lucia (Somkele) coal-field, Zululand, and from the Newcastle district, Natal190710, 81-89. Abstract
Voit F WGneiss formation in Africa190710, 90-94. Abstract
Bonney T GOn the supposed kimberlite magma and eclogite concretions190710, 95-100.
Voit F WFurther remarks on the kimberlite rock and the origin of diamonds190710, 101-106. Abstract
Merensky HThe origin of river diamonds within the area of the Vaal190710, 107-111. Abstract
Johnson J PNote on lherzolite and eclogite boulders from the Roberts-Victor mine190710, 112-114. Abstract
Johnson J PThe tin, molybdenum and lead occurrences near Potgietersrust190710, 115-119. Abstract
Corstorphine GGeological aspects of South African scenery. [Anniversary address by the President]190810, xix-xxvii. Abstract
Hall A LOn contact metamorphism in the Pretoria Series of the Lydenburg and Zoutpansberg Districts (read 17th february, 1908)190811, 1-24. Abstract
Merensky HThe rocks belonging to the area of the Bushveld Granite Complex, in which tin may be expected, with descriptions of the deposits actually found.190811, 25-42. Abstract
Mennell F PNote on the Rhodesian Diamond Fields (Read 13th April, 1908)190811, 43-44. Abstract
Young R BNote on an occurrence of Ochre in the Potchefstroom District, Transvaal (Read 13th April, 1908)190811, 45-46. Abstract
Hall A LNote on contemporaneous igneous rocks in the Pretoria Series of the Lydenburg and Rustenburg Districts (read 13th april, 1908)190811, 47-54. Abstract
Corstorphine G S; Jorissen EThe Stratigraphy of Zwartkop (82) (Read 13th April, 1908)190811, 55-68. Abstract
Hall A L; Humphrey W AOn the occurrence of chromite deposits along the southern and eastern margins of the Bushveld Plutonic Complex (Read 18th May, 1908)190811, 69-77. Abstract
Draper DNotes on Zwartkop No. 82 (Read 20th July, 1908)190811, 78-82. Abstract
Recknagel ROn some mineral deposits in the Rooiberg District (read 20th July, 1908)190811, 83-106. Abstract
Schwarz E H LThe Alexandria Formation (Uppermost Cretaceous) on the south coast of Africa (Read 16th November, 1908)190811, 107-115. Abstract
Hall A LOn calcareous beds in the Pretoria Series, east of Potgietersrust, and their metamorphism (read 15th February, 1909)190912, 1-7. Abstract
Hall A LNote on the schistose structures near the junction of the Pretoria Series with the Bushveld Plutonic Complex (read 15th February, 1909)190912, 8-12. Abstract
Merensky HThe diamond deposits of Lüderitzland, German South-West Africa (Read 15th March, 1909)190912, 13-23. Abstract
Mcclalland Henderson JNote on some rocks in the volcanic series of the Karroo System in the Lebombo Mountains (read 15th March, 1909)190912, 24-31. Abstract
Hall A LThe geology of Mount Maré, near Pietersburg, and its connection with that of Moodies, near Barberton (read 19th April, 1909)190912, 32-53. Abstract
Anderson W; Stanley G HSome remarks on the intimate relations between archaeology and geology in South Africa; with a description of caves containing human and other mammalian remains on the farms Wonderfontein and Rooipoort, Potchefstroom District.190912, 54-66. Abstract
Weber MNotes on acid intrusives in the Witwatersrand System (read 17th May, 1909)190912, 67-77. Abstract
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Westerlund K J; Gurney J J; Carlson R W; Shirey S B; Hauri E H; Richardson S HA metasomatic origin for late Archean eclogitic diamonds: Implications from internal morphology of diamonds and Re-Os and S isotope characteristics of their sulfide inclusions from the late Jurassic Klipspringer kimberlites.2004107 (1/2), 119-130 Abstract
Westerlund K J; Gurney J JSilicate and oxide inclusion characteristics and infra-red absorption analysis of diamonds from the Klipspringer kimberlites, South Africa.2004107 (1/2), 131-146 Abstract
Mccourt S; Kampunzu A B; Bagai Z; Armstrong R AThe crustal architecture of Archaean terranes in northeastern Botswana.2004107 (1/2), 147-158 Abstract
Mapeo R B M; Armstrong R A; Kampunzu A B; Ramokate L VSHRIMP U-Pb zircon ages of granitoids from the Western Domain of the Kaapvaal Craton, southeastern Botswana: implications for crustal evolution.2004107 (1/2), 159-172 Abstract
Hart R J; Mcdonald I; Tredoux M; De Wit M J; Carlson R W; Andreoli M; Moser D E; Ashwal L DNew PGE and Re/Os-isotope data from lower crustal sections of the Vredefort Dome and a reinterpretation of its "crust on edge" profile.2004107 (1/2), 173-184 Abstract
De Wit M; Tinker JCrustal structures across the central Kaapvaal craton from deep-seismic reflection data.2004107 (1/2), 185-206 Abstract
Webb S J; Cawthorn R G; Nguuri T; James DGravity modeling of Bushveld Complex connectivity supported by Southern Aafrican Seismic Experiment results.2004107 (1/2), 207-218 Abstract
Mapeo R B M; Kampunzu A B; Ramokate L V; Corfu F; Key R MBushveld-age magmatism in southeastern Botswana: evidence from U-Pb zircon and titanite geochronology of the Moshaneng Complex.2004107 (1/2), 219-232 Abstract
Hanson R E; Gose W A; Crowley J L; Ramezani J; Bowring S A; Bullen D S; Hall R PPaleoproterozoic intraplate magmatism and basin development on the Kaapvaal Craton: Age, paleomagnetism and geochemistry of ~1.93 to ~1,87 Ga post-Waterberg dolerites.2004107 (1/2), 233-254 Abstract
Tinker J H; De Wit M J; Royden L HOld, strong continental lithosphere with weak Archaean margin at ~1.8 Ga, Kaapvaal Craton, South Africa.2004107 (1/2), 255-260 Abstract
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Doyle P M; Bell D R; Le Roex A PFine-grained pyroxenites from the Gansfontein kimberlite, South Africa: Evidence for megacryst magma - mantle interaction.2004107 (1/2), 285-300 Abstract
Jelsma H A; De Wit M J; Thiart C; Dirks P H G M; Viola G; Basson I J; Anckar EPreferential distribution along transcontinental corridors of kimberlites and related rocks of southern Africa.2004107 (1/2), 301-324 Abstract
Reid D L; Borg GResearch on Proterozoic zinc deposits in Namibia and South Africa.2005108 (1), p. 2 Abstract
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Brandt D; Andreoli M A G; Mccarthy T SThe late Mesozoic palaeosoils and Cenozoic fluvial deposits at Vaalputs, Namaqualand, South Africa: possible depositional mechanisms and their bearing on the evolution of the continental margin.2005 108 (2), 271-284 Abstract
Franceschini G; Mcmillan I K; Compton J SForaminifera of Langebaan Lagoon salt marsh and their application to the interpretation of late Pleistocene depositional environments at Monwabisi, False Bay coast, South Africa.2005108 (2), 285-296 Abstract
Hoerlé SA preliminary study of the weathering activity at the rock art site of Game Pass Shelter (KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa) in relation to its conservation.2005108 (2), 297-308 Abstract
Gibson R L; Reimold W U; Lana CComment on: New PGE and Re/Os-isotope data from lower crustal sections of the Vredefort dome and a reinterpretation of its "crust-on-edge" profile, by R.J. Hart, I. McDonald, M. Tredoux, M.J. De Wit, R.W. Carlson, M. Andreoli, D.E. Moser, L.D. Ashwal.2005108 (2), 309-313 Abstract
Poujol M; Kiefer R; Robb L J; Anhaeusser C R; Armstrong R ANew U-Pb data on zircons from the Amalia greenstone belt Southern Africa: insights into the Neoarchaean evolution of the Kaapvaal Craton.2005 108 (3), 317-332 Abstract
Stankiewicz J; De Wit M JFractal river networks of Southern Africa. 2005108 (3), 333-344 Abstract
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Clarke B M; Uken R; Watkeys M K; Reinhardt JFolding of the Rustenburg layered suite adjacent to the Steelpoort pericline: implications for syn-Bushveld tectonism in the eastern Bushveld Complex.2005108 (3), 397-412 Abstract
Maier W D; Peltonen P; Juvonen R; Pienaar CPlatinum-group elements in peridotite xenoliths and kimberlite from the Premier kimberlite pipe, South Africa.2005108 (3), 413-428 Abstract
Selover R W; Gastaldo R AA reinterpretation of the Wagendrift Quarry, Estcourt, KwaZulu-Natal Province, and its implications for Karoo Basin paleogeography.2005108 (3), 429-438 Abstract
Huizenga J M; Harmse J TGeological and anthropogenic influences on the inorganic water chemistry of the Jukskei River, Gauteng, South Africa.2005108 (3), 439-447 Abstract
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Deocampo D MEvaporative evolution of surface waters and the role of aqueous CO2 in magnesium silicate precipitation: Lake Eyasi and Ngorogoro Crater, northern Tanzania.2005108 (4), 493-504 Abstract
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Hoffman P F28th DeBeers Alex. Du Toit Memorial Lecture, 2004. On Cryogenian (Neoproterozoic) ice-sheet dynamics and the limitations of the glacial sedimentary record.2005108 (4), 557-577 Abstract
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Van Reenen D DNic Beukes: a tribute to a South African geoscientist.2006109 (1/2), 2-5 Abstract
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Johnson J; Grotzinger J PAffect of sedimentation on stromatolite reef growth and morphology, Ediacaran Omkyk Member (Nama Group), Namibia.2006109 (1/2), 87-96 Abstract
Ono S; Beukes N J; Rumble D; Fogel M LEarly evolution of atmospheric oxygen from multiple-sulfur and carbon isotope records of the 2.9 Ga Mozaan Group of the Pongola Supergroup, Southern Africa.2006109 (1/2), 97-108 Abstract
Coetzee L L; Beukes N J; Gutzmer J; Kakegawa TLinks of organic carbon cycling and burial to depositional depth gradients and establishment of a snowball Earth at 2.3 Ga. Evidence from the Timeball Hill Formation, Transvaal Supergroup, South Africa.2006109 (1/2), 109-122 Abstract
Yamaguchi K E; Ohmoto HGeochemical and isotopic constraints on the origin of Paleoproterozoic red shales of the Gamagara/Mapedi Formation, Postmasburg Group, South Africa.2006109 (1/2), 123-138 Abstract
Dorland H C; Beukes N J; Gutzmer J; Evans D A D; Armstrong R APrecise SHRIMP U-Pb zircon age constraints on the lower Waterberg and Soutpansberg Groups, South Africa.2006109 (1/2), 139-156 Abstract
De Kock M O; Evans D A D; Dorland H C; Beukes N J; Gutzmer JPaleomagnetism of the lower two unconformity-bounded sequences of the Waterberg Group, South Africa: towards a better-defined apparent polar wander path for the Paleoproterozoic Kaapvaal Craton.2006109 (1/2), 157-182 Abstract
Mukhopadhyay J; Ghosh G; Nandi A K; Chaudhuri A KDepositional setting of the Kolhan Group: its implications for the development of a Meso to Neoproterozoic deep-water basin on the South Indian craton.2006109 (1/2), 183-192 Abstract
Gaucher C; Germs G J BRecent advances in South African Neoproterozoic-Early Palaeozoic biostratigraphy: correlation of the Cango Caves and Gamtoos Groups and acritarchs of the Sardinia Bay Formation, Saldania Belt.2006109 (1/2), 193-214 Abstract
Van Staden A; Naidoo T; Zimmermann U; Germs G J BProvenance analysis of selected clastic rocks in Neoproterozoic to lower Paleozoic successions of southern Africa from the Gariep Belt and the Kango Inlier.2006109 (1/2), 215-232 Abstract
Krull-Davatzes A E; Lowe D R; Byerly G RCompositional grading in an ~3.24 Ga impact-produced spherule bed, Barberton greenstone belt, South Africa: a key to impact plume evolution.2006109 (1/2), 233-244 Abstract
Jones-Zimberlin S; Simonson B M; Kreiss-Tomkins D; Garson DUsing impact spherule layers to correlate sedimentary successions: a case study of the Neoarchean Jeerinah layer (Western Australia).2006109 (1/2), 245-261 Abstract
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Indexes to the Transactions of the Geological Society of South Africa.

The Transactions and Proceedings of the Geological Society of South Africa. Index to the first thirteen volumes 1897-1910. Compiled by A. Reynell. 1915.
The Transactions and Proceedings of the Geological Society of South Africa. Index for volumes XIV (1911) to XXXIII (1930) by A.L. Hall. 1932.
The Transactions and Proceedings of the Geological Society of South Africa. Index for volumes XXXIV (1931) to XLIII (1940) by A.L. Hall and Jeanne de V. Little. 1947.
The Transactions and Proceedings of the Geological Society of South Africa. Index for volumes XLIV (1941) to LIII (1950) by Jeanne de V. Little. 1964.
The Transactions and Proceedings of the Geological Society of South Africa. Index for volumes LIV (1951) to LXIII (1960) by Jeanne de V. Little. 1964.

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The Alex du Toit Memorial Lecture series was instituted in 1949 as a memorial to Dr Alex L du Toit who died the year before, and who was one of the most remarkable, talented and internationally famous geologists in the history of South Africa. This biennial lecture series is without doubt the most prestigious event on the calendar of The Geological Society of South Africa. The invited speaker alternates between leading international authorities from overseas and prominent South African earth scientists. The topics of these informative and stimulating lectures should relate to the aspects of geology in which Dr du Toit was especially interested and should have a bearing on his work. All but one of the lectures have been published by the Society and since 1989 have been included in the South African Journal of Geology.

1949. No. 1. Gevers T WThe life and work of Dr. Alex. L. du Toit. 194952, 111 pp. Abstract
1951. No. 2. Read H HMetamorphism and granitisation. 195154, 28 pp. Abstract
1953. No. 3. Haughton S HGondwanaland and the distribution of early reptiles.195356, 31 pp, 2 tab. Abstract
1955. No. 4. Dixey FSome aspects of the geomorphology of Central and Southern Africa.195558, 60 pp, 1 tabl, 2 A4 maps. Abstract
1957. No. 5. Cooke H B SObservations relating to Quaternary environments in East and Southern Africa.195760, 1-73, 3 pl. Abstract
1959. No. 6. Keunen P HSand - its origin, transportation, abrasion and accumulation.195962, 33 pp, 8 pl. Abstract
1961. No. 7. Martin HThe hypothesis of continental drift, the light of recent advances of geological knowledge in Brazil and in South West Africa.196164, 47 pp, 5 pl. Abstract
1963. No. 8. Wegmann C ETectonic patterns at different levels.196366, 78 pp. Abstract
1965. No. 9. King L CGeological relationships between South Africa and Antarctica.196568, 32 pp, 1 fig, 2 pl. Abstract
1967. No. 10. Judd W RGeotechnical communication problems.196770, 45 pp. Abstract
1969. No. 11. Plumstead E PThree thousand million years of plant life in Africa.196972, 72 pp, 25 pl, 1 tabl, 1 fig. Abstract
1971. No. 12. Runcorn S KOur wandering continents -the key to modern geoscience. [Manuscript never received].1971
1972. No. 13. Pretorius D AThe crustal architecture of Southern Africa.197376, 60 pp, 4 A3 maps. Abstract
1976. No. 14. Cloud PMajor features of crustal evolution.197679, 33 pp. Abstract
1977. No. 15. Simpson E S WEvolution of the South Atlantic.197780, 16 pp. Abstract
1979. No. 16. Skinner B JThe frequency of mineral deposits.197982, 13 pp. Abstract
1981. No. 17. Brain C KThe evolution of man in Africa: was it a consequence of Cainozoic cooling?198184, 20 pp. Abstract
1983. No. 18. Crowell J CIce ages on Gondwanan continents.198386 (3), 238-262.
1985. No. 19. Nicolaysen L OOn the physical basis for the extended Wilson Cycle, in which most continents coalesce and then disperse again.198588 (3), 561-580.
1987. No. 20. Yoder H S Jr.The great basalt floods.198891, (2), 139-156.
1989. No. 21. Gurney J JThe diamondiferous roots of our wandering continents.199093 (3), 424-437.
1992. No. 22. Gaàl GGlobal Proterozoic tectonic cycles and early Proterozoic metallogeny.199295 (3/4), 88-93.
1993. No. 23. Hunter D RSouthern African earth sciences in Antarctica: the third decade.199396 (4), 162-181.
1995. No. 24. Burke K C AThe African Plate.199699 (4), 339-409.
1997. No. 25. Partridge T COf diamonds, dinosaurs and diastrophism: 150 million years of landscape evolution in southern Africa.1998101 (3), 167-184
1999. No. 26. Kröner AThe Mozambique Belt of East Africa and Madagascar: Significance of zircon and Nd model ages for Rodinia and Gondwana supercontinent formation and dispersal.2001104 (2), 151-166
2002. No. 27. Rubidge BRe-uniting lost continents - fossil reptiles from the ancient Karoo and their wanderlust.2002108 (1), 135-172 Reference
2004. No. 28. Hoffman P FOn Cryogenian (Neoproterozoic) ice-sheet dynamics and the limitations of the glacial sedimentary record.2005108 (4), 557-577 Reference

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